Vol 2 Goldmines Quotes and Quips

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Mar 3

  • The best way to get even is to forget.
  • To forgive is to set the prisoner free, and then discover the
  • prisoner was you.
  • You are richer today if you have laughed, given, or forgiven.
  • A successful marriage isn't just finding the right person.  It's
  • Words are windows to the heart.
Apr 7

  • Looking for a new life? God takes trade ins.
  • Faults are thick where love is thin.
  • Almost anyone will make a better friend than enemy.
  • The best way to "save face" is to keep the bottom half shut!
May 5

  • The path of a good woman is indeed strewn with flowers, but they rise behind her steps, not before them.
  • Some parents could do more for their children by not doing so much for them.
  • Children seldom misquote you. They repeat what you shouldn't have said word for word.
  • Church growth does not consist of counting those present, but in caring for those absent.
  • God often prepares us for victory by a taste of despair.
June 2

  • Be careful of your thoughts.  They may break into words at any time!
  • The man of the hour is generally one who has made every minute count.
  • Make the most of life on earth, but know the best is yet to come!
  • Your problems can never exhaust God's provisions.
  • Master your habits, or your habits will master you.
July 7

  • Repentance clears the way for our walk with God.
  • Our spirituality can be compared to an airplane ride. The higher we rise, the smaller the things on earth become.
  • Life for some folks is the practice of sowing wild oats six days a week, and on the seventh day going to church and praying for a crop failure!
  • Some of God's greatest preachers never stood in a pulpit!
  • Untold millions are dying--untold!
Aug 4

  • Smiles never go up in price nor down in value!
  • The milk of human kindness never curdles.
  • Swallowing of pride seldom causes indigestion.
  • Prayer is not a last extremity; it is a first necessity.
  • He stands best who kneels best.
Sept 1

  • If you aren't living it, you don't believe it.
  • A Christian shows what he is by what he does with what he has!
  • Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the people you can, in every place you can, and as long as ever you can.
  • Experience is one thing you can't get on the easy payment plan.
  • Don't be like a wheel barrow . . . always having to be pushed and very easily upset.
Oct 6

  • God works - in me, with me, through me, for me.
  • He who holds the stars in space will not let go of His promises to us.
  • When it comes to prayer, don't hang up -hang on!
  • Our greatest weakness may be our failure to ask for God's strength.
Nov 3

  • It isn't necessary to blow out the other person's light to let your own shine.
  • Some people know how to live everyone's life but their own.
  • One doesn't find life worth living; he must make it that way.
  • Nothing is more often opened by mistake than the mouth!
  • A bee is not making honey when it is stinging.
Dec 1

  • Jesus paid a debt He did not owe.  I owe a debt I cannot pay.
  • The Lord gives us our talents, but we have to develop them ourselves.
  • A smile is something that adds to your face value.
  • Most often, falling into sin is not a blowout, but a small leak.
  • Consider the hammer:  It keeps its head.  It does not fly off the handle.  It keeps pounding away.  It finds the point, then drives it home.
Jan 5

  • A life leavened with love for God and humanity is unsurpassable.
  • We need not fear a fall if we stand up for Jesus.
  • It does a man no good to sit up and take notice if he keeps on sitting.
  • When a bee is stinging, it is not making honey.
Feb 2

  • When it seems you can't forgive, remember how much you have been forgiven.
  • Christ's death is the measure of your worth to God.
  • God can mend your broken heart, but you must give Him all the pieces.
  • Deposit God's word in your memory bank, and you'll draw interest for life.
  • Good intentions, like good eggs, soon spoil unless hatched.