Vol 15 Goldmines

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Bulletin Fillers
#1 May 2015 Resisting Temptation    By Travis L. Quertermous
God Blessed America!    By Steve Higginbotham
Corruption    By Ron Thomas
No Greater Love    By Gerald Cowan
Fully Free    By H.L. Gradowith
All Is Gain    By J. Randal Matheny
#2 June 2015 Stop Signs     By Ron Adams
Being too Hot or Too Cold?     By Ryan Thornsberry
Have You Earned Your Place In Heaven?     By Steve Higginbotham
Beating Worry     By David Bragg
To God Belong     By J. Randal Matheny
No God?  Know God!     By Gerald Cowan

#3 Sept 2015 How Deep Is Your Love?     By Donna Richmond Wittlif
How Important is "Going to Church"?     By Ron Bartanen
Shakespeare Couldn’t Read?     By Steve Higginbotham
If I Be Lifted Up     By Gerald Cowan
What Holds Me Back?     By J. Randal Matheny
Creation Shouts    By Edd Sterchi

#4 Oct 2015 God Didn't Cooperate     By David Bragg
Sweeter Than Wafers With Honey     By Donna Richmond Wittlif
I Was Impressed     By Ron Adams
Adversity or Opportunity?     By Steve Higginbotham
When Your Life Is Gone     By Gerald Cowan
#5 Nov 2015 A Gift From Johnson Oatman By David Bragg
As The Year Ends  By Ronald Bartanen
A New Beginning  By R.W. McAlister
The Changing Seasons  By Bill Brandstatter
The Seven S’s of the Savior  By Edd Sterchi
What is a Miracle?  By Travis Quertermous
Reference By Charlie Gamble
Not A Day To Waste  By H.L. Gradowith