Vol 13 Goldmines

BulletinGold Issue
Bulletin Fillers
#1 Mar 2013 - No Leisure to Look Up
- A Spoken Word, by Ron Thomas
- Antlers, by Bruce Howell
- A Congregation Grows When...
- When This Day is Done, by Richard E. Rybolt
- Prayer of Any Husband, by Mazie V. Caruthers
- If God Should Go On Strike, by Walt Huntley
#2 Apr 2013 - Every Good Gift
- Thoughts on Commitment
- The church of Christ
- A Congregation Grows When...
- The Great Eternal God, by Gerald Cowan
- FROM A CHILD I HAVE LEARNED, by J. Randal Matheny
- We'll Wake Up To Sleep No More, by H. L. Gradowith
- What Will Your Answer Be? By Nina F. Thorn
#3 May 2013 - A Mother’s Influence, by Andre Maurois
- Taking Turns, by Dennis Lynn
- Happy Mother’s Day!
- Mother’s Day Humorous (but oh-so-true) One-liners
- Graduation Day, by J. Randal Matheny
- Love, by John Oxenham
-  A Rosebud
- Mother’s Love
#4 Jun 2013 - Rattled, by Wade Webster
- A Warning From the Past, by F. B. Srygley
- How Do We Hear? By James W. Boyd
- 8 Things Worse Than Dying, by Owen Clopton
- Kind Words Can Never Die
- What Makes a Dad
- A Word From God, by J. Randal Matheny
- The Time to Love is Now, by Gerald Cowan
#5 Jul 2013 - Who Are You Living For? By Jim Murrell
- What Comes Out? By Jim Wilson
- My God-Given Name, by Tim Hall
- Amazing Discovery In an Attic
- Marriage Cares, by J. Randal Matheny
- I Drink From the Fountain of God, by Gerald Cowan
- The Better Things
- God, Give Us Men! By Josiah Gilbert Holland
#6 Aug 2013 - In For The Duration, by Larry Miles
- The Mommy Test
- Get Rid of That Pole! By Delbert Goins
- Tragedy, by Joe Barnett
- In Christ, by J. Randal Matheny
- A Song Of Hope, by H. L. Gradowith
- "Master, Here I Am," by Neal Pollard
#7 Sep 2013 - The Doily Box
- Watch Your Words, by Roger Rush
- Bucket Optional, by Seth Myers
- What Condition Is Your Bible In? By Travis L. Quertermous
- A Song Of Fidelity, by H.L. Gradowith
- God Must Have Known, by Helen Lowne Marshall
- In The Echoes of Praise, by J. Randal Matheny
- What Makes A Great Church?
#8 Oct 2013 - A Dark Passage, by Johnny Polk
- Real Forgiveness, by Kevin Williams
- Soldiers of Christ, Arise! By Larry Miles
- Are You Faithful? By Bobby Dockery
- Help For A Traveler, by Gerald Cowan
- Do What You Can, by Wesley Yonts
- Him Only, by H. L. Gradowith
- When It Rains, by J. Randal Matheny
#9 Nov 2013 - A Sympathetic Gesture
- Worship—“God Said,” by Franklin Camp
- Abraham Lincoln: Often a Failure
- I Have Decided I Will ...
- My Enemy, My Friend, by Gerald Cowan
- His Ears Are Opened Unto Their Prayers, by H. L. Gradowith
- It’s in the Valleys We Grow
- Advancing Point of the Spear, by J. Randal Matheny
#10 Dec2013 - Children, by Steve Higginbotham
- Just Suppose
- Praying For a Brother
- Something to Think About
- The New Year's Message, by Barbara Cagle Ray
- 'TIS THE SEASON, by J. Randal Matheny
- Giving and Receiving, by Kathryn Wiesenhoefer
- Little Things
#11 Jan 2014 - A Different Kind of Courage, by King Duncan
- Golfers Are Right: The Fundamentals Are All That Count, by Bill McDonough
- The Preachers and Preaching Needed, by Benjamin Franklin
- Billy's Dad
- Be An “Anyway” Person
- Give Us, O Christ, by Gerald Cowan
- Set Free, by H. L. Gradowith
- He Lives By Rush and Dash, by J. Randal Matheny
#12 Feb 2014 - Believe
- Cheerfulness
- Ease?
- Mean Mothers
- Accepting Flaws, by Barbara Cagle Ray
- Gossipy Ears, by Gerald Cowan
- Is There No Conversation? By J. Randal Matheny
- Where There Is . . . By Jesse Wagner