Vol 9 Goldmines

BulletinGold Issue
Bulletin Fillers
#1 Mar 2009 A Prescription For You
Ten Commandments For Teen-Agers
Good Trade!
Memos From Your Child
A Father's Prayer
Hospitality, by Lisabeth Foster
Father's Advice, by James E. Laird
Love is Never Silent, by Natalie Hope Rallis
#2 Apr 2009 Ten Commandments for Husbands, Hugo McCord
Changing My Life Into The Likeness of Christ, Wendell Winkler
History Changed Forever
Fanny Crosby
Blind But Happy, Fanny Crosby
Who Sowed the Seed? By C. R. Brewer
For These We Thank Thee, Loise Pinkerton Fritz
#3 May 2009 Happy Father's Day
Happy Mothers Day, Rick Woodall
Giddap, Dad, Lavonne Mathison
Someone is Watching, Edward "Jack" Smith
It Takes a Mother, Helen Steiner Rice
Mothers Are ….
A Father's Prayer
#4 Jun 2009 Liberty!  By Ron Thomas
Total and Unconditional Surrender, Derek McNamara
Our Republic Depends on Christianity?
How Poor Are We?
Freedom is Not Free, Cadet Maj. Kelly Strong
A Song For War, J. Randal Matheny
It’s Not What We Eat
It Is The Soldier
#5 July 2009 Goal, Mike Benson (KneEmail Editor)
Humor is the best medicine: He has a plan!
The Shepherd Psalm
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Anchors, Bess Samuel Ayres
He Is Mine, Sancie Earman King
Great is God's Mercy, Louise Pinkerton Fritz
No Worries, H. L. Gradowith

#6 Aug. 2009 What the Prophets Preached, Greg Swango
Bible Brain Twister, John Kezer
No Inspiration From The Bible
Saved by the Bible, Steve Higginbotham
'Tis Not a Work to Obey, Rose Ann Noey
Still He Walked, Carrie McCutcheon
The Defense of Grace, James C. Guy
Handwriting on the Wall
#7 Sept 2009 Prayer, by Craig Evans
Growing Churches or Saving Souls? By Mack Lyon
The Church Is Not, by Andrew Connally
When Was The Church Established? By Travis L. Quertermous
A Love So Tremendous, by Catherine J. Carter
My Part
My Hand in God's Hand, by Florence Scripps Kellogg
#8 Oct 2009 Are You Deceived?
Grudges, Tom Moore
Are You Wasting Yourself?
I'd Choose Fortune Over Fame, J. Randal Matheny
There Is Never A Day So Dreary, Lilla M. Alexander
You Tell On Yourself
Highs and Lows, Amy Clarke Ellis
Sunshine and Rain, Clay Harrison
#9 Nov 2009
ABC’s of a Thankful Heart
Coping With the Holidays
How Much Do You Own In That Direction?
Letting Go
How To Observe Thanksgiving
A Single Love, J. Randal Matheny
Words Fail, H. L. Gradowith
Rules For Today
#10 Dec 2009 Thankful to God, Ron Thomas
Time, Mike Benson
10 Ways to Make Time for Your Children
20 Ways to Say “I’m Sorry,” Steve Singleton
HAPPY NEW YEAR! By Frances Ridley Havergal
'Twas the Night Before Jesus Came
We Welcome You with Wide Arms, J. Randal Matheny
#11 Jan 2010 A Time For Every Purpose
By Steve Higginbotham
It's A Jungle Out There
By Hardie Logan
Trying Times
By Joe Chesser
Why The White Hair?
The Clock of Life
By Robert H. Smith
A Lovely Light
Do What You Can
#12 Feb 2010 Honor Parents, Ron Thomas
Three Mothers, James D. Burns
Grandma's Cake
Blunt Children
Perfect Love, H. L. Gradowith
What Makes a Home? By Fanny S. Reeder
A Place for Boys