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 My Refuge in the Storm By J. Randal Matheny
 The Power of Baptism By Rob Albright
 Soul Protection
By Donna Wittlif
 Recognizing and Overcoming Temptation By Brian Mitchell
 Good Things By Kevin Rutherford
 4 Things I Want My Children to Know about the Church By Adam Faughn
 God's Providence? Perhaps.. By Steve Higginbotham
 Jesus Calms Storms By Johnny Hester
 Learning to Love the Brotherhood By David Bragg
 They Were “Only” Fishermen! By Jeff Arnette
 Only a Fool! By Ron Thomas
 Planting Seeds By Bill Brandstatter
 What Price Does Christ Ask Me to Pay?
By Gerald Cowan
 An Unprecedented God
By Joe Chesser
 Infatuation or Love?
By Ron Bartanen
 Broken Hearts
By Joe Slater
 I Corinthians 13 (NASB)
By Larry Pasley
 Rose Sank
By David Bragg
 If I Perish, I Perish
By Alan Smith
 Living as Exiles
By Travis Robertson
By David A. Sargent
 Going the Second Mile
By R. W. McAlister
 Commit to Submit
By Edd Sterchi
 How Can Increase My Dependence Upon God?
By Lance Cordle
 High Anxiety and Blessed Relief By Johnny Hester
 What Kind of Fool Am I? By Bill Brandstatter
 See Only Christ By Phil Sanders
 Complacency By Donna Wittlif
 Thankful for Good Friends By Rob Albright
 Trading Freedom for a Dorito By Adam Faughn
 Bitterness: Put it Away
By A. C. Quinn
 Jesus: Tempted ... Like As We Are By David Pharr
 Suffering ... Silently ... Secretly By Jim Faughn
 The Golden Rule By Ron Thomas
 Showing Up By David Bragg
 Will Heaven Be Worse Than Hell? By Steve Higginbotham