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BulletinGold Issue

Leaning, But Still a Light! By Lance Cordle
The Christian Filter By Robert Guinn
For What Will this Church Be Known? By Edd Sterchi
No Greater Love By Gerald Cowan
Contentment By Alan Smith
Marriage is Honorable By Clifton Angel
Honor Thy Mother By R.W McAlister
Looking for a Short-Cut? By Joe Chesser
Hybrid Seed By Joe Slater
Fully Free By H.L. Gradowith
Resisting Temptation By Travis L. Quertermous
God Blessed America! By Steve Higginbotham
Stand With God's Word By Ronald Bartanen
Corruption By Ron Thomas
Be Afraid of the Dark By David R. Ferguson
All Is Gain By J. Randal Matheny


Doers of the Word
By Alan Smith
A Fool Who Was a Poorly Dressed and Homeless Preacher
By Bill Brandstatter
Stop Signs By Ron Adams
The Integrity of Christianity By Bryan McAlister
Fathers Are Still Relevant! By R.W. McAlister
Don’t Follow the Dog
By Jim Faughn
The Graduation Present 
By David A. Sargent
Being too Hot or Too Cold?
By Ryan Thornsberry
Have You Earned Your Place In Heaven?
By Steve Higginbotham
Baptism: Death, Burial, and Resurrection By Joe Slater
Keep Swinging By Joe Chesser
Beating Worry
By David Bragg
To God Belong
By J. Randal Matheny
No God?  Know God! By Gerald Cowan
Paul’s Prescription for Peaceful Living By Clifton Angel
What is Eternal? By Ronald Bartanen


Examine Yourself
By Ron Adams
Blessings of Righteous Living By R. W. McAlister
Why So Hostile to Jesus? By Lance Cordle
Just Your Interpretation? By Joe Slater
We Need Some Adult Daniels, Too
By Jim Faughn
The Walk
By David R. Ferguson
Just One Piece of Chicken By Clifton Angel
How Deep Is Your Love?
By Donna Richmond Wittlif
How Important is "Going to Church"?
By Ron Bartanen
If I Be Lifted Up
By Gerald Cowan
Shakespeare Couldn’t Read? By Steve Higginbotham
What Holds Me Back? By J. Randal Matheny
Creation Shouts By Edd Sterchi
Brass Tacks By David A. Sargent
Colorblindness and Heaven
By Joe Chesser
Changing the Standard By Alan Smith


Sanctity of Marriage  By A. C. Quinn
God is Colorblind
By Clifton Angel
God Didn't Cooperate
By David Bragg
Sweeter Than Wafers With Honey By Donna Richmond Wittlif
The Keys to Overcoming the World
By Edd Sterchi
When Your Life Is Gone By Gerald Cowan
The Longest Way
By J. Randal Matheny
The Heart of Worship
By Jeff Arnette
God And You By Joe Slater
Curiosity About the Bible
By Lance Cordle
Let Go Of The Past
By Larry Pasley
What Is The Soul?
By R. W. McAlister
Encouraging Prayer
By Robert E. Guinn
I Was Impressed By Ron Adams
“In Jesus’ Name” By Ronald Bartanen
Adversity or Opportunity?
By Steve Higginbotham


Not A Day To Waste 
By H.L. Gradowith
Hitting the Bull’s-Eye
By Joe Chesser
A Gift From Johnson Oatman
By David Bragg
The Gift of Us By David A. Sargent
As The Year Ends By Ronald Bartanen
A New Beginning By R.W. McAlister
The Changing Seasons By Bill Brandstatter
The Party Line By Jim Faughn
The Seven S’s of the Savior By Edd Sterchi
If You're Not Sure of Your Part By Alan Smith
What is a Miracle? 
By Travis Quertermous
And It Came To Pass...  By Steve Higginbotham
The Kids Are Coming?  By Larry Pasley
Eulogy For Common Sense
Can You Help Me Understand? By A. C. Crider
Reference By Charlie Gamble