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- Bumper Sticker Christianity, by Alan Smith
- That Time…Again, by Andy McClish
- Be All That You Can Be, by Clifton Angel
- Do What You Can, by Edd Sterchi
- Isn’t that what love does? By Ron Thomas
- Who Do You Think You Are? By Steve Higginbotham
- Selling Out
- God’s Color Line
- A Prayer About God's Providence, by Gerald Cowan
- He’ll Be There, by H. L. Gradowith
- Embrace Mortality, by J. Randal Matheny
- Ode To A Hireling, by Hugh Davis
- Four Acts of Kindness, by Charlie Gamble
- Are You Helping This Church To Grow? By Edd Sterchi
- The Maturation of Time, by Ron Thomas
- The Cost of Your Sins, by David Ferguson
- A Real Hate Crime, by Clifton Angel
- Martha, Martha ... From One Negative, Comes Two Positives! By Avis Corely Porter
- 20 Seconds of Courage, by Austin Johnson
- A Higher Power, by Alan Smith
- Joking About God, by Charlie Gamble
- Eight Gifts That Do Not Cost a Cent
- Friendship Evangelism, by Mark Posey
- Self-Examination For Church Members
- Reasons I stopped attending sporting events—
- "Done Enough," by Lewis G. Hale
- “Three Areas Under Five,” by Bill Brandstatter

- The Bible is Right! By Bart Warren
- This Do In Remembrance Of Me, by Kimball Crum
- Turn It Around, by David Pharr
- Love Demands Everything That God Commands, by Gerald Cowan
- Believe God and Believe IN Him
- Comparing, by Ron Adams
- Closing For The Summer, by Charlie Gamble
- The Wicked and Prayer of the Good, by Ron Thomas
- God Hasn’t Moved, by Clifton Angel
- Overheard In An Orchard, by Elizabeth Cheney
- The House Where Love Is
- This is a Home Where Children Live
- Keeping Spiritual Focus, by Hugh Fulford
- Friendship Is Important! By R.W. McAlister
- A Priceless Purchase, by Ron Bartanen
- Intensely Prepared, by Ron Thomas
- Just The Right Response, by Charlie Gamble
- Abundant Pardon, by John Gipson
- A Parent’s Broken Heart, by Clifton Angel
- Jesus Christ—The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever, by David Ferguson
- “Don’t Quarrel on the Way!” By Lance Cordle
- “I Just Like It Better!” By Joe Chesser
- Surrender To Win, by Clint Patterson
- The Photograph, by David A. Sargent
- The Beauty of Jesus, by Charlie Davis
- Love Never Fails, by Clifton Angel
- What is Jesus to You? By Edd Sterchi

- Temptation or Test? By Ron Thomas
- Why Worry? By Aaron Veyon
- Works of Obedient Faith, by David R. Ferguson
- Anger Management, by Robert Guinn
- Drive Friendly, by Ron Adams
- God Doesn't Care, by Neal Pollard
- Room For All, by Gerald Cowan
- If You Had Died for the Sins of the World How Would You Feel? (Author unknown)
- God’s Answer
- The Reward of Perseverance (Author unknown)
- Lord, Show Me How
- I Took a Piece of Plastic Clay (Author unknown)
- The Care and Feeding of a Newborn, by Jim Faughn
- A Desire For Heaven, by Wayne Coats
- What Do You Expect of God? By Bill Brandstatter
- Who Will You Pray for  Today?
- Children and Aged Parents, by R.W. McAlister
- Placing Membership, by Lee Moses
- Your Influence  . . . , by Lance Cordle
- To Save Others, by David A. Sargent
- Providence—“A Divinity That Shapes Our Ends," by John Gipson

- Heaven Is For Real, by A. C. Quinn
- Marriage Was God's Idea, by David Bragg
- Have I Waited Too Long? By Austin Johnson
- Simply Amazing! By Charlie Gamble
- Is Your Dream BIG Enough? By Aubrey Malphurs
- Lies, by Ron Adams
- Blessing Others Beyond Our Years, by Steve Higginbotham
- Resisting Temptation, by Travis L. Quertermous
- What is Love?
- The Hole And Me
- Walking by Faith, by Barbara Cagle Ray
- From Grateful Hearts to God, by Gerald Cowan
- Taking God’s Power for Granted, by Joe Chesser
- Does the Church Need Screen Doors? By Jim Faughn
- The Fortune of Family, by Edd Sterchi
- A Penitent Heart Is, by R.W. McAlister
- Renew Your Mind, by Brad Harrub, Ph.D.
- Distract, Drift, and a Rock, by Ron Thomas
- Potholes Of Safety, by Tom Moore
- Words, Defeat, Victory, by Ron Thomas
- Turning the Other Cheek, by Travis Quertermous
- What Do You Expect of God? By Bill Brandstatter
- Why Does The Church Exist? ByEdd Sterchi
- Parenting by Faith, by Wes McAdams
- Help! By Clint Mitchell and David A. Sargent
- Eternal Life, by Alan Smith
- Suspicion, by Joe Chesser

- I'll Keep On Till They Quit, by Alan Smith
- 10 Things You Can Do to Start a Family Devotional Tonight, by Austin  Johnson
- The Church of Christ, by Westley Hazel
- The Joy of Hope, by Joe Chesser
- The Fish Net, by Ron Thomas
- His Grace Reaches Me, by Steve Higginbotham
- A God-Sized Dream, by Justin Morton
- Chasing Shadows
- Friends
- Glorious Exchange
- America Is..., by H. L. Gradowith
- Pleasure Shared, by J. Randal Matheny
- Love Bears All Things, by Clifton Angel
- Ripped Apart at Church, by Joe Chesser
- Donkeys and Wives, by Alan Smith
- Love Believes All Things, by Clifton Angel
- Be Audacious! By Matt Olguin
- Love Hopes All Things, by Clifton Angel
- Dance of Death, by Michael Hatcher
- Fork in the Road, by Ron Adams
- Love Endures All Things, by Clifton Angel
- A New Name, by Alan Smith
- See the Man Praying, by Bill Williams
- A VBS PRAYER, by Edd Sterchi

- The Monotony of Life, by Alan Smith
- Some Practical Benefits of Suffering, by Bart Warren
- “Be Careful What You Say,” by Bill Brandstatter
- Abandoned? By David A. Sargent
- Friendly Fire, by Jim Faughn
- Antique Chairs and Old Bibles, by Ron Adams
- Longest Speech, Shortest Term, by Neal Pollard
- What Does It Mean to “WAIT FOR HIS SON FROM HEAVEN”? By Larry Miles
- A Touch of Loveliness
- The Hero of Calvary, by H. L. Gradowith
- An Ode to the Dislocated, by Dalton Key
- Walking With God, by Gerald Cowan
- Is It Really Possible? By David Anguish
- Our Children's' Heritage, by Bryan McAlister
- The Unused Sword, by Bill Williams
- Relevant, Revealed, or Both? By Jim Faughn 
- TOLERANCE? By John Gipson
- People and Challenges, by Lance Cordle
- The Anchor of Our Souls, by Ron Bartanen
- Chiseled in Stone, by Terry Livingston and David A. Sargent
- The Sins of Samson, by Travis L. Quertermous
- Be Still and Know! By Ben Thompson
- Faithful in Little or Much, by Winfred Clark
- The Race of a Lifetime, by Ron Adams

- That’s Just Your Interpretation, by Mike Benson
- Leaning, But Still a Light! By Lance Cordle
- Looking for a Short-Cut? By Joe Chesser
- More Important Than Myself, by Greg Litmer
- If You Had Died for the Sins of the World How Would You Feel?
- “He is the God”
- The Promise of the Spirit to the Nations, by Ty Nicol
- For What Will this Church Be Known? By Edd Sterchi
- When Childhood’s Gone, by Barbara Cagle Ray
- No Greater Love, by Gerald Cowan
- All Is Gain, by J. Randal Matheny
- A Prayer for the NewYear, by Merrel Thompson
- At Your House,  by Wendell Winkler
- A Direct Influence, by Ron Thomas
- Why I Believe…, by Robert E. Guinn
- A Faithful Man, Who Can Find? By R. W. McAlister