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- Impatience, by Jeff Arnette
- Allegations, by Bill Brandstatter
- How Important is the Church? By Ron Bartanen
- ‘God Created In Six Days,’ by Paul L. McElroy
- No Leisure to Look Up
- A Spoken Word, by Ron Thomas
- Antlers, by Bruce Howell
- A Congregation Grows When...
- When This Day is Done, by Richard E. Rybolt
- Prayer of Any Husband, by Mazie V. Caruthers
- If God Should Go On Strike, by Walt Huntley
- Perilous Times?... Perhaps, by Robert Lambert
- Balance, by Michael Whitworth
- Glory, by Chris Tiegreen
- Pride and a Haughty Spirit, by Charles Pogue
“Go Into the World,” by David Holder
- Be Careful, Eyes and Ears! By R. W. McAlister
- Signs of Life, by Alan Smith
- Always Give a Good Example and an Honest Answer, by Gerald Cowan
- Why Is The Plan of Salvation Spread Throughout The New Testament? By Douglas Hoff
- Whose Are You? By Bart Warren
- The Church’s Mission, by Darwin Hunter
- Descriptions of Second Coming

- The Indestructible Bible, by A. G. Freed
- Do Not Despair, by Larry Acuff
- Buy the Truth and Sell It Not, by Don Campbell
- One More Soul in Heaven and One Less Soul in Hell, by Larry Pasley
- Every Good Gift
- Thoughts on Commitment
- The church of Christ
- A Congregation Grows When...
- The Great Eternal God, by Gerald Cowan
- FROM A CHILD I HAVE LEARNED, by J. Randal Matheny
- We'll Wake Up To Sleep No More, by H. L. Gradowith
- What Will Your Answer Be? By Nina F. Thorn
- Crucified With Christ, by Bruce Stulting
- The Importance of Dignity, by Bob Spurlin
- Against The Wind
- Baptism Now Saves You, by Clifton Angel
- Do You Know Where You're Going? By Alan Smith
- Where Is The Goal Post? By Ernest Underwood
- Self-Discipline, by Bob Prichard
- Living Proof, by Glenn and David Sargent
- Ponder Before You Post, by Jim Faughn
- Is There a “New” Grace? By John Gipson
- Lord Give Me a Mountain, by Don Campbell

- Mom, How Do You Fill in the Blank? By Adam Faughn
- Mothers Are Special, by Edd Sterchi
- Thank You Mom, by Rick Woodall
- God's Memorial Day, by Travis L. Quertermous
- A Mother’s Influence, by Andre Maurois
- Taking Turns, by Dennis Lynn
- Happy Mother’s Day!
- Mother’s Day Humorous (but oh-so-true) One-liners
- Graduation Day, by J. Randal Matheny
- Love, by John Oxenham
-  A Rosebud
- Mother’s Love
- God Rewards Trust, by Joe Chesser
- Flattery, by Larry Pasley
- A Matter of Perspective, by Lance Cordle
Children are a Heritage of the Lord, by Alan Smith
- Revelation Made Easy, by Austin Johnson
- What Would It Take??? By Bill Brandstatter
- The Children of Eber, by David R. Ferguson
- Up From the Grave He Arose, by Douglas Hoff
- That Wasn’t Very Nice, By Joe Chesser
- Worship God, by John Gipson
- How Can You Influence Someone for Christ? By Lance Cordle
- What Does It mean to “Wait for His Son From Heaven?” By Larry Miles
- What a Crazy, Mixed-Up World!  By Ronald Bartanen
- Rust Protection, by Jim Faughn
- Individual Responsibility, by Gerald Cowan

- Could It Happen Here? (2 Chronicles 7:14), by Bill McCormick
- That’s So Hokey! By Johnny Hester
- Patience, by David G. Rogne
- Butterflies, by Charlie Gamble
- Rattled, by Wade Webster
- A Warning From the Past, by F. B. Srygley
- How Do We Hear? By James W. Boyd
- 8 Things Worse Than Dying, by Owen Clopton
- Kind Words Can Never Die
- What Makes a Dad
- A Word From God, by J. Randal Matheny
- The Time to Love is Now, by Gerald Cowan
- Mother's Day
- What Would You Do For $10,000,000? By Brett Petrillo
- “Jesus,The Friend of Sinners,” by Clovis Chappell
- Parent's Guidelines to Family Computer Use, by David Smith
- Remember the Scars, by Alan Smith
- A Mother’s Love, by R. W. McAlister
- The Need For Mothers, by W. Frank Walton

- Becoming Like Children, by Don Loftis
- And You Thought You Had One Career
- The Value of a Godly Mother, by Johnny Ramsey
- Things That Smell Good, by Joe Chesser
- Ten Simple Steps To A Happier Life, by Glen Hitchcock
- Family Bonds or Ball-n-chain, by Eugene Adkins
- The Best Marriage Advice, by Don Loftis

- Temptation at the Cross, by Charlie Gamble
- Character, by Jackie W. Fox
- Was It Worth It? By John Gross
- "Follow Me", by Patrick Hogan
- Who Are You Living For? By Jim Murrell
- What Comes Out? By Jim Wilson
- My God-Given Name, by Tim Hall
- Amazing Discovery In an Attic
- Marriage Cares, by J. Randal Matheny
- I Drink From the Fountain of God, by Gerald Cowan
- The Better Things
- God, Give Us Men! By Josiah Gilbert Holland
- Church Etiquette, by Jay Lockhart
- What would you do today if you knew the world would end tomorrow? By A. L. Franks
- Old Preacher Advice, by Wayne Polk
- Religious Titles Forbidden, by: Stephen R. Bradd
- The Church of Christ, b Ron Thomas
- A Good Laugh May Be Good For the Heart, by Kevin Rayner
- Courage to Care for Children, by Paul Vaughn
- Do Not Fear, by Mark Moseley
- Where Are We Heading? By Williard Collins
- “If Looks Could Kill,” by Tim Childs
- What is a Christian's Responsibility to the Civil Government? By Roger D. Campbell
- What's For Dinner? By Ken Jones

- Selling Out
- A Bill Too High, by David A. Sargent
- “Preparing for Eternity,” by Tom Wacaster
- Time to Talk about Time, by Bob Prichard
- In For The Duration, by Larry Miles
- The Mommy Test
- Get Rid of That Pole! By Delbert Goins
- Tragedy, by Joe Barnett
- In Christ, by J. Randal Matheny
- A Song Of Hope, by H. L. Gradowith
- "Master, Here I Am," by Neal Pollard
- Are You Listening? By A. C. Quinn
- “I Hope You Know” By Bryan McAlister
- Secular Humanism, by Brad Harrub
- Do We Love The Lord More? By Bob Winton
- Warning Signs, by Bart Warren
- Most Valuable Discovery, by Alan Eldridge  & David A. Sawyer
- Only in the Dictionary, by Adam Faughn
- Consider Your Ways, by Jeremy Spouse
- Stumbling Block-Heads, by Howard Justice
- What the Church Offers, by Bill Brandstatter
- Responsibility, by Brad Green
- Whose Book Is It? By Ty Nichol
- The Lord Needs You, by J. Randal Matheny

- “Let Brotherly Love Continue,” by Cecil May Jr.
- Confused about Creation, by Eugene Adkins
- The Book Without God, by Garrett McGilvray
- Freedom From Temptation! By Gary Knuckles
- The Doily Box
- Watch Your Words, by Roger Rush
- Bucket Optional, by Seth Myers
- What Condition Is Your Bible In? By Travis L. Quertermous
- A Song Of Fidelity, by H.L. Gradowith
- God Must Have Known, by Helen Lowne Marshall
- In The Echoes of Praise, by J. Randal Matheny
- What Makes A Great Church?
- Why I Still Wear a Tie to Church, by David F. Reagan
- Seize The Moment, by Gary L. Hutchens
- Family, by Jim Faughn
- Glorify God in Your Body, by Roelf L. Ruffner
- The Cross From Seven Viewpoints, by Wade Webster
- Selective Alzheimer's, by A.R. “Ross” Gallaher and David A. Sargent
- Power Through the Pen, by Austin Johnson
- Value of the Valley, by C.B. Hodge
- Tell Me You Didn't Mean It Lord! By Charles Pogue
- “I Thirst,” by Clay Bond
- “Honey, Itʼs Time We Cut Our Contribution,” by Cliff Goodwin
- You’re Calling From Where? By Dale Jenkins
- They Sewed Fig Leaves, by Clifton Angel

- Involvement, by Edwin Myers
- The Lord's Supper, by John D. Cotham
- About Wealth, by John Gipson
- The Church is OF Christ, by Johnny Hester
- A Dark Passage, by Johnny Polk
- Real Forgiveness, by Kevin Williams
- Soldiers of Christ, Arise! By Larry Miles
- Are You Faithful? By Bobby Dockery
- Help For A Traveler, by Gerald Cowan
- Do What You Can, by Wesley Yonts
- Him Only, by H. L. Gradowith
- When It Rains, by J. Randal Matheny
- “There Is Nothing Hidden,” by Dan Williams
- Our Lives From God's View, by Dave Grant
- Two Types of Congregations: Cold and Warm, by Jason Hilburn
- “Don’t Be Deceived,” by Dan Chambers
- Watchmen and Mourning, by Eddie Parrish
- What’s More Important Than Jesus? By Jim Murrell
- The Best Gift for Your Children, by Mitchell Temple
- Remembered For Doing Good, by Jimmy Hodges
- Change is Difficult, by Joe Chesser
- Enduring Trials, by David R. Ferguson
- Lessons From a Lawn Tractor, by Michael P. Reese
- Sarah Makes It Real, by John Gipson

- The Hardworking Farmer, by Larry Miles
- The Hooks Are Hidden, by Neal Pollard
- Houdini's Great Escape That Failed, by Alan Smith
- Fallout Shelters, Airport Security and Estate Planning, by Joe Chesser
- A Sympathetic Gesture
- Worship—“God Said,” by Franklin Camp
- Abraham Lincoln: Often a Failure
- I Have Decided I Will ...
- My Enemy, My Friend, by Gerald Cowan
- His Ears Are Opened Unto Their Prayers, by H. L. Gradowith
- It’s in the Valleys We Grow
- Advancing Point of the Spear, by J. Randal Matheny
- Test Your Potency, by Phil Sanders
- The Fish Posters: Are Adults Listening? By Barry Newton
- "The Outrage of Profanity," by Bob Spurlin
- Are You Getting Ready? By Ron Bartanen
- A Point About Judgment Day, by R.W. McAlister
- What Will Matter, by Michael Josepheson
- Try Giving Yourself Away, by Patrick Hogan
- The Space Between, by Mark Adams
- “Rejoice In The Lord,” by Mac Deaver

- Patch Up The Holes, by Gerald Cowan
- “Mirror Moments,” by Lance Cordle
- Can Sins Be Remitted By Men? By R.W. McAlister
- Dance of Death, by Michael Hatcher
- Children, by Steve Higginbotham
- Just Suppose
- Praying For a Brother
- Something to Think About
- The New Year's Message, by Barbara Cagle Ray
- 'TIS THE SEASON, by J. Randal Matheny
- Giving and Receiving, by Kathryn Wiesenhoefer
- Little Things
- Access, by Lance Cordle
- Random Quotes On Motherhood
- The Christian Barber
- Don't Overlook The Obvious, by Larry Pasley
- The Prince of Peace, by Bill Brandstatter
- The Lighthouse of Love, by David R. Ferguson
- Easy Isn’t Always Best, by Don Loftis
- Always Try To Fall Forward, by Gerald Cowan
- Ripples, by David R. Ferguson
- Snob-Knob, by Joe Chesser
- What Irritates You? By John Gipson
- Forgiveness Requires Judgment, by Gerald Cowan
- The Time of My Departure is at Hand, by Steve Higginbotham
- Friendship, by Paul Meredith
- WHO DO YOU THANK? By Ron Bartanen

- Are You Patient? By Cecil May III
- Microwave Religion, by Craig Thomas
- And He Wants Me to be Honest! By Dan Jenkins
- “Edification in Christ,” by Darrell Broking
- A Different Kind of Courage, by King Duncan
- Golfers Are Right: The Fundamentals Are All That Count, by Bill McDonough
- The Preachers and Preaching Needed, by Benjamin Franklin
- Billy's Dad
- Be An “Anyway” Person
- Give Us, O Christ, by Gerald Cowan
- Set Free, by H. L. Gradowith
- He Lives By Rush and Dash, by J. Randal Matheny
- Where Did You Learn That? By Robert Oglesby
- The Grandest Name, by Cecil F. Cox
- “You Are the Light of the World,” by John B. Tracy
- F—I—S—H, by Chuck Marshall
- The Power of One, by Charles Harmon
- Where Are You? By Charles C. Pugh III
- The Book of Revelation, by Curtis L. Graves
- After Baptism, by Bryan Matthew Dockens
- Our Diary, by Toby Miller
- Christ Crucified, by Bobby Duncan
- Faith and Feeling, by Ty Nichol
- The Longing That Satisfies, by Ronald Bryant

- Get Back Up! By Larry Fitzgerald
- Making the Right Turn, by Ron Thomas
- You Judge! By Charlie Gamble
- Branding the Lord's Church, by Don Campbell
- Believe
- Cheerfulness
- Ease?
- Mean Mothers
- Accepting Flaws, by Barbara Cagle Ray
- Gossipy Ears, by Gerald Cowan
- Is There No Conversation? By J. Randal Matheny
- Where There Is . . . By Jesse Wagner
- The Spiritually Elite, by Jay Lockhart
- Can We Put Too Much Emphasis On Baptism If It Is In The Scriptures? By Johnny Oxendine
- Know My Habits; Know My Heart, by Jim Bullington
- The Unchanging Christ, by W. Terry Varner
- Warring the Good Warfare
- “Husbands,” by Hugo McCord
- The Church of Your Choice, by Stephen R. Bradd
- Arguments I Used For the Use of Instrumental Music (When I was a Preacher for the Christian Church), by Dan Goddard
- No Sweat Discipleship? By Dave Ridenour
- Adorning the Doctrine, by James Burns
- The Best Defense Is a Good Offense, by Clarence DeLoach
- "Heart-felt" Religion, by George Arthur Jackson