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- The Sunday Slant ... The Bottom Line, Tom D. Butterfield
- Love Grows Up, Tom Kelton
- Not Just Your Words, Adam Faughn
- How Do I Feel When I Assemble With The Saints? By Whit Sasser
- The Blind Girl, Frances Shipp
- A $50,000.00 Goal! By Steve Higginbotham
- A Voice From the Past
- Just a Bible Class
- The Bridge Builder, Will Allen Dromgoole
- Just One Request
- Does He Even Know Your Name? By H.L. Gradowith
- How The Church Receives Its Funds, Garland M. Robinson
- Try Beginning Again, Gus Nichols
- What Assembling With The Saints Will Do For You, Ivie Powell
- Please Leave A (Positive) Message, Jim Faughn
- Some Things Never Change, Jimmy W. Cox
- Lord, Open Our Eyes! By Joe Chesser
- Who Am I? By Johnny Hester
- “Time is Filled with Swift Transition,”  Kevin Rutherford
- Participant or Observer? By Kevin Williams
- Greater Works Than Jesus? By Larry Pasley
- Only Forward
- Will You Shoot My Mule? By Scott Bowman

- “It Must Be In There Somewhere…” by A. C. Quinn
- God and the IRS, by William Parris
- When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, Patrick Hogan
- A Truly Healthy Diet Plan, by Gerald Cowan
- Victory at the Cross, by Charlie Gamble
- Brotherly Advice
- Marriage, by David Sain
- The Quilt
- Have No Fear, by Jo Ann Carlson
- Plant for Eternity
- April Lace, by Floy McHood Lindsay
- 50/50, H. Norman Wright
- Do angels drive white Jaguar’s? By Rick Woodall
- A King Who Sold Out, Patrick Hogan
- Deck of Cards, Kevin Rayner
- Be A Builder. by Joe Chesser
- What We Have in Christ and Could Not Have Without Him
- Different But United, by Bill Brandstatter
- "The Legacy We Leave Behind," by Bob Spurlin
- Will History Repeat?
- Authority, by Earl B. Claud
- No Charge, by Shirley Ceasar
- Design Demands a Designer, by Mike Johnson
- Gloom and Despair, by  C. M. Callan
- Tell The World, by Roger D. Campbell
- Two Perspectives on Giving, by Kevin Williams
- Falling Through the Cracks, by Jim Faughn
- The Foolishness of God, by David R. Ferguson

- What Manner of Persons Ought Ye to Be? By Kelby Smith
- A Reflection of God’s Glory By Ron Thomas
- God Is Love, by C. M. Callan
- Who Do We Fight With?
By Rick Woodall
- A Humorous Story...With a Point
- Church Sign Boards--
- If I Give...
- Wisdom In The Barnyard
- Glorious Exchange
- “IF”
- Beyond, by J. Randal Matheny
- Lesson From a Sculptor, by John Gipson
 - If You Think… by H. L. Gradowith
- Not Too Short, by David A. Sargent
- Absentee Christians, by R. W. McAlister
- Try Harder, by Steve Higginbotham
- A Bigger Hand Than Mine, by Ronald Bartanan
- A “Jacobite” Without Guile (John 1:47), by Ty Nichol
- I Stand — Even When I Don't, by Jim Faughn
- The World’s Bible, by Annie J. Flint & J.E. Hamilton
- Death Bed Confessions, by Bill Brandstatter
- Are you rich?
- Where Visitors Go to Die, by Jeremiah Tatum
- Pledge of Allegiance is Unconstitutional, by Jimmy
- “This Do In Remembrance of Me,” by Ken Chumbley
- Smile, by Kevin Rayner
- Uncontrolled Anger, by Lance Cordle
- The Cold Within, by Larry Pasley
- Replace the Rope
- The Deadly TULIP, by Ron Boatwright
- “The Internal Delight of Virtue,” by Tom Steed

- The Power of Forgiveness…, by Bryan Kirby
- Complaints
- Have We Left Off Part of the Armor? by Clifton Angel
- We Were Forewarned! by Ron Bartanen
- Wisdom
- Empty! by Steve Higginbotham
- A Spark
- It’s In the Valleys We Grow
- When Sorrow Walked With Me, by Robert Browning
- Waste Not a Single Hour, by Clay Harrison
- Falling From Grace
- A World Gone Gray, by Dalton Key
- Facing the Inevitability of Death, by David R. Ferguson
- The Spirit of Involvement, by Dennis Gulledge
- Preaching the Gospel, by Harrell Davidson
- Humorous Labeling
- Procrastination
- “Beautiful Abbeys” by Kyle Moses
- The Battle in the Pews Trenches, by Mark Ray
- Grace At Work
- Why Should I Go To Church? by John Telgren
- The Lamb of God

- Used To It? By Bart Warren
- What Were They Thinking? By Charlie Gamble
- Rekindling the Flame, by Alan Smith
- On “Coming Out,” by A. C. Quinn
- Instructions To A Pencil
- How Much Are You Giving? Ten Percent Is a Place to Start, Not Stop, by Edd Sterchi
- Athletes and drugs
- Why some don’t believe in God—
- The Lie, by J. Randal Matheny
- Today I Stood!
- Welcome Home, by Larry Pasley
- My Friend, by J. P. McEvoy


- Bible Baptism: Romans 6:3-4
by Clifton Angel
- Truth, Absolutes
- Life After Death by Garland Robinson
- Prizing Forgiveness by Tom Miller
- Everybody Needs a Friend
- America's Favorite Book
- American Pickers by Charlie Gamble
- Courage, Strength, Compassion
- Be Good To You
- Do-It-Yourself by Billie Cole
- Good Morning, God
- A Wise Saying, by C. M. Callan
- Getting Organized, by Douglas Mallock
- Watchmen! Stand Upon Your Stations
- There's No Comparison!
- Success
- Shipwrecked! By Ricky Butts and David A. Sargent
- Enjoying The Heavenly Places in Christ, by Larry Miles
- Praise God with the Heart, or Man-made, Mechanical Instruments? By Tim Childs
- It’s Not About Me! By Joe Chesser
- “Division Must Come,” by David Lipscomb
- Oh the B-I-B-L-E, by Michael Johnson
- Dependency, by David Shannon
- The Fear of Change, by Raymond Glendinning
- Tell Them Anyway, by Rick Woodall
- Promoting Unity, by Winfred Clark
- Do You Really Want To Go To Heaven? By Edd Knight
- Another Perspective on Evangelism in the New Testament, by Hardie Logan


- Growing Leadership, by David Bragg
- Victory! (Deut. 20:1-4) by Bill McCormick
- Thirsty? by Tom Hall
- The Mechanic, by Leroy Brownlow
- Religion “Lite,” by Charlie Gamble
- Unanswered Prayer
- A Lesson From A Fence
- GIGO, by Greg Swango
- A Necessary Note About The Use Of The Building, Materials And Facilities
- “Remember Now,” by Clifton Angel
- THEY Lost The Book, by H. L. Gradowith
- If You Were Busy
- Being An Angel
- I Am A Soldier
- "Is It Scriptural For A Congregation To Hum While Partaking Of The Lord’s Supper?” By Guy N. Woods
- The Straight Path
- Characteristics of the Gospel, by Jim McGuiggan
- Christians and Evangelism, by Gerald Cowan
- Sobering Facts About SIN
- Christ – The Way
- Your Job, by Ron Thomas
- The Power of an Invitation
- The Rich King's Four Wives
- Parable: Evil Spirit Returning to an Empty House

- Hide Behind the Cross, Bob Spurlin
- God is on the Throne Not on Stage, Dalton Key
- Our One Hope, Larry Acuff
- How to be Sound, H. M. Phillips
- Whose Hand It Is In, Paul Ciniraj
- Some Things I've Learned
- “A Merry Heart”
- A Good Dad
- Let Us Be The Saints of God, Gerald Cowan
- “Faith of Our Mothers,” Arthur P. Patten
- Never Did a Human Hope, J. Randal Matheny
- Most Blessed, H. L. Gradowith
- Burke Wrecks Another One, by Bob Dilgard
- Why Jesus Was And Is Rejected, by J. D. Conley
- Because I Want To ..., by Luke Bower
- Overcoming the Aging Process, by Joe Chesser
- Where There Is No Vision, by Keith Robinson
- God's Food Pyramid, by John Telgren
- Running Low? By Kirk Brothers
- Being Late Is Becoming A Problem, by Dr. Gail Saltz
- Thomas The Apostle, by Lester Grant
- Loving the Word of Christ, by Nathan Brewer
- Four Kinds of Worship, by Paul Vaughn
- “OUT SOURCING,” by Scott Jacques
- A Friend in Deed, by Johnny Hester
- The Darkness of Hell, by Travis L. Quertermous


- Longing For Home, by Patrick Hogan
- A New Creature, by J. C. Watkins
- Save the Starfish, by Mark Ray
- Calvary or Bethlehem? By Bill Brandstatter
- Christianity is a Relationship, Not a Tradition
- What Saul of Tarsus (Paul) Saw on the Road to Damascus
- Which Are You?
- Salvation by Baptism Only? By Charlie Gamble
- Where Shall I Find Rest, by Benny Bristow
- God's Love
- Like a Jewel, by Alice Hansche Mortenson
- Heartprints
- Tuning To The Standard, by Warren E. Berkley
- Winning the Battle, But Losing the War, by Wayne Polk
- The Blame Game, by David R. Ferguson
- The Value of a Good Conscience, by Bob Clardy
- Little Things, by Bill Smith
- An Impractical Prayer? By Bill McCormick
- Baptism, by Tim Smith
- Nobody's Perfect, by A.R. Gallaher and David A. Sargent
- Getting Rid of the Preacher, by Charlie Gamble
- God's Fashions, by John Telgren
- The Proper Use of the Old Testament, by Ron Cosby
- Paul Harvey, by Kevin Rayner
- We All Need Jesus, by
R. W. McAlister
- Undenominational Christianity, by William S. Cline
- Encouragement and Endurance, by Wade Webster
- Finding our Father; Knowing our God, by Bryan McAlister
- You Win, by Rick Woodall

- From Heaven With Love, by David Bragg
- What Was Jesus Doing On December 25th? By Bill Brandstatter
- “And He Appeared,” by Cecil May Jr.
- He Came, by David A. Sargent
- Today, by Phil Sanders
- Thoughts On Worry
- Outlive Yourself, by Steve Higginbotham
- The Old Paths, by Ron Thomas
- Drawing Near to God
- A Prayer For Every Day
- The Way We Affect Others
- The Lord’s Supper, David R. Ferguson
- Do You Smell That? By Austin Johnson
- “Such A Good Preacher,”Alan W. Fonville
- An Impractical Prayer? By Bill McCormick
- Run With Endurance, Michael E. Brooks
- A Quick Comparison, Ryan Thornsberry
- The Land of Beginning Again, Louise Fletcher
- Outlive Yourself, Steve Higginbotham
- Back to School, Austin Johnson
- Football
- Is Baptism Essential to Salvation? By Andrew Connally
- Do Not Stop Halfway, Allen Webster
- God's “GPS,” C. M. Callan
- Little Things, Bill Smith
- The Value of a Good Conscience, Bob Clardy


- The Old Paths, Cecil May, Jr.
- What is My Giving? By Edd Sterchi
- A Knock on the Door, Charlie Gamble
- Praise or Performance? By A. C. Quinn
- A Word To The Wise, Ron Thomas
- Still the Bestseller
- Look At Your Hands, Graynelle Thomas
- I Love the Church That Jesus Built, Gus Nichols
- The Lord Has Been Good To Me, Clifton Angel
- A Simple Prayer…
- Restored, Don M Aycock & Mark Sutton
- Need to Control Our Tongues, Jimmy W. Cox
- David and His New Cart, B.C. Goodpasture
- Worthy Resolutions, By R. W. McAlister
- "I Miss The Way,” by Larry Pasley
- The Lord Wants You To Live An Abundant Life! by Larry Miles
- Known Because of Kindness, by Lance Cordle
- “Going to Church,” by Robert N. Lambert
- Rules or Love? By Johnny Hester
- Quality of Life, Tom Moore
- What Kind of Christian Are You? By Gary Knuckles
- A Perspective on Sandy Hook Elementary School, Steve Higginbotham
- Priorities, Wendell Winkler
When We Go . . . They Come! by Ira North
- If Baptism Is Not A Condition of Salvation, Will You Answer These Questions? by Franklin Camp
- What I Love about the Church, by Adam Faughn
- Resolution Time, Patrick Hogan
- Daily Bible Study, Travis L. Quertermous


- To Occupy or Not to Occupy? by Jeff Arnette
- Before --- And After, by Jim Faughn
- Glory, by Chris Tiegreen
- No Debt Limit, by Charlie Gamble
- Did You Think To Pray? by Steve Higginbotham
- A Father's Promise, by Arthur Gordon
- Every Good Gift
- The Night Before Sunday, by Rick Woodall
- Another Year is Dawning! By Frances Ridley Havergal
- From Now to Then and Here to There, by Gerald Cowan
- Ski Free, Steve Higginbotham
The Two Great Dichotomies, Chester M. Callan
The Power of God’s Word, Bart Warren
- “In Heart and Conscience Free,” by David Anquish
- Elvis Presley's Bible, by David A. Sargent
- “Jesus Is Lord,” by Ken Chumbley
Tell others About Jesus? By Chester Callan
- Joy to the World, by Joe Chesser
- Grief WORK! By Kevin Williams
- To My Brothers and Sisters in Christ Who Are Grieving . . . and Those Who Love Them, by Lance Cordle
- Three Wooden Crosses, by Tim Childs
- What Is A Cappella Music? By Wayne Jackson