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- A Barrier to Growth, David Bragg
- The False Doctrine Of The Rapture, Ron Boatwright
- In One Generation’s Time, Bill Jackson
- My Cheating Heart… By Barbie Law
- A Child's Prayer? By C.M.Callan
- Do Religious People Need Conversion? By James D. Burns
- Making Missionaries
- My Heroes, Charles R. Gamble
- Parable of the Pencil
- A Home Is More Than Bricks…
- Today's Hardship, J. Randal Matheny
- Kindness
- Seasons of Rapture, Arthur Farstad
- The Critic, Jean A. Thornton
- “Anchors,” Cecil May III
- Don’t Quit, Rick Woodall
- Archippus, Jimmie Z. Gribble
- She Invited A Friend! By David Shannon
- "An Inheritance In Heaven," Paul L. McElroy
- Ten Commandments of Friendship
- Deep Water, James C. Guy
- The Ultimate Goal, Joe Chesser
- Comfort One Another, Norman Gipson
- Do Yourself a Favor, Jeremiah Tatum
- A Family for the Lord, Benny Bristow
- Sunbeam Love

- The Long Lost Book, David Bragg
- Spring: A Time of Renewal, Edd Sterchi
- Don’t Forget God, Dwight Butler
- The Divine Basis of Religious Unity, Gary Colley
- Sharing Our Faith, Dick Miller
- Impact, James C. Guy
- Virtue of the Poor, Ron Thomas
- A Sermon Never to Be Forgotten
- Time, Time, Time, Bill Dillon
- Cost, George Vandeman
- Look Carefully
- For Our Mothers, Joanna Fuchs
- On My First Day Spent in Eternity, David R. Ferguson
- April Lace, Floy McHood Lindsay
- Quotes
- Experience, James C. Guy
- Senior Personal Ads, Kevin Rayner
- “Proper Perspectives,” Kyle Moses
- Modesty:  New Wave For an Old Virtue, Linda J. White
- Perfectly Confused, Ron Thomas
- Why Christians are One in Christ
- It Is Never Too Late To Start Over, Steve Boyd
- Are We Fighting for Faithfulness? By Bryan Kirby
- "Beautiful Christian," Ben Bailey
- Freedoms of Sexual Abstinence Before Marriage, Allen Webster
- When God Says Yes, Rick Woodall
- Gym Lessons, Dan Williams
- A Holy People, Larry Miles
- Heros, Mike Benson
- Left Holding the Bag, David Bragg
- How to Train an Elephant, Tom Moore
- Jesus, Master Carpenter, R. W. McAlister
- A Saint Is A Saint, Charlie Gamble
- Building Too Low, David A. Sargent
- Evangelist’s Work: Nine Commands for the Preacher, David Ray Fanning I
- Caged
- A Man's Nose, Kevin Rayner
- No Refills
- The Last Question
- Daddies, Edgar A Guest
- Self Examination, Gerald Cowan
- 7 Inescapable Truths, J. Randal Matheny
- All We Want, Henry Benjamin Whipple
- I Will Build My Church, Paul L. McElroy
- Looking Saved, Stephen R. Bradd
- Premarital  Fantasies And Marital  Realities, David Olsen & Lance Cordle
- What About Witnessing??? By J. A. Thornton
- Full of Joy, Jeff Johnson
- Those Words Are Seasoned Just Right! By Jonathan B. Jones II
- Peddlers of God’s Word, John Gipson
- The Coming of the Lord, Jimmy W. Cox
- When the Pulpit Goes, Ira North
- Where No One Stands Alone, Patrick Hogan
- The World’s Best Pitcher, Dick Ellis
- The Memorial to Christ, Gary Summers
- The Good Work, David Bragg
- Living Light, Rick Woodall
- Saved By Faith, But Not By Faith Alone, Travis L. Quertermous
- Sheep, Stefano R. Mugnaini
- Worship or Entertainment? By Bob Pritchard
- Graduation, David R. Ferguson
- God Has a Plan
- Silly Sheep, Joel Stephen Williams
- Facing Tomorrow
- Deception, Mike Benson
- Walking with Grandpa, Jack Exum
- Beauty Moves, J. Randal Matheny
- I Have Jesus, H.L. Gradowith
- Godly Manner, Travis Main
- Above and Beyond, Joe Chesser
- Faith Trusts
- A Serious Question
- Reading Your Bible? By Alan Smith
- Help From Above, David A. Sargent
- Where Are the Nine? By Andy Kizer
- Why Does God Let It Happen? By Bill Jackson (Deceased)
- Fable of the Porcupine
- Church From A Visitor's Perspective, Brad Montague
- All Must Be Soul Winners, Dale Grissom
- “The Churches of Christ Salute You” (Romans 16:16), Mack Lyon
- The Life of Edgar Allen Poe
- Gloom in Life
- Accepting the Challenge, Mark Ray
- Decisions Are Costly, Marvin L. Weir
- It’s a Family Thing (Mark 3:31-35), Lee Jamison
- 10,000 More Sermons, Adam Faughn


- Back to Basics, David Bragg
- God Needs You! By Greg Swango
-A Cure For Hiccups, Steve Higginbotham
- How to Handle Failure, Travis L. Quertermous
- The Empty Nest, Cecil May III
- Eureka! By Ron Bartanen
- Baptism and Responding to Grace, Ty Nichol
- Slow Death of Worldliness
- By Whose Standard?
- A Blessing, H. L. Gradowith
- Lord is it I
- The Only Way to Have a Friend
- And I, If I Be Lifted Up (John 12:34), Gerald Cowan
- The Will of God, Mike Johnson
- Are We Merciful-Peacemakers? By Tim Childs
- Jesus Is Greater Than All, By Paul L. McElroy
- The Chosen Child, Barbie Law
- Walking In The Truth, Larry Miles
- The Real Purpose of Life, Dale Grissom
- A Wanderer and a Vagabond, Bryan Kirby
- The Lies of Satan, Ron Thomas
- Why We Give Up, R. W. McAlister
- A Lesson in Humility, Joe Chesser
- Style and/or Substance, Jim Faughn

- The Altar Builder, David Bragg
- Just The Right Response, Charlie Gamble
- Forgetting the Shut-Ins, Bob Spurlin
- Back to School Time, Adam Faughn
- Greatly Mistaken, Joe Slate
- Put To Death! By Garland M. Robinson
- Following Dad’s Example
- “A Word Fitly Spoken”
- In The World, But Not Of The World
- Why We Do What We Do, J. Randal Matheny
- Walking In the Will of God, Margaret K. Frazer
- My Morning Prayer
- Have You Thought About Your Soul?
- Things Learned From a Snowman, Alan Smith
- No Labor’s Lost, J. Randal Matheny
- The Lure of the Perfect, Leslie G. Thomas
- The Doctrine of Chance, Col. Arial Bragg (1772-1855)
- “It’s Later Than It’s Ever Been Before!” By Joe Chesser
- When Sin Traps You, John Telgren
- Extra Quotes
- An Important Question, Jim Faughn
- Nobodys Going Tell Me What To Do, Jimmie Z. Gribble
- Why Are We Doing This? By Phil Sanders
- I Hope You Are Drinking From Your Soucer Too
- What Does the Bible Alone Produce? By David Ray Fanning I
- The Old Paths, Rick Woodall
- Challenges Facing A Retired Couple, Norman and Ann Gipson
- Ten Things To Do Wiht Your Nose When You're Bored ...
- The Empty Nest, Cecil May III
- The Right Thing, GregTidwell

- Settling for Nothing, David Bragg
- How Much Time? By James M. Allen
- Receiving Sinners Without Baptism, Ben Franklin
- Give God a Chance, Monroe Hawley
- The Greatest Day of a Christian Teenager's Life, Daniel Whitworth
- Three Kinds of People
- Your Influence
- Understand the Bible
- Humor From Heaven
- A Morning Song, Amos Herr
- No Time to Pray
- Someone, Just Anyone!
- Knowledgeable Fool!
- Every Knee, Edward K. Powell
- Twinkie Bread, John Telgren
- Perseverance Pays, Patrick Hogan
- We Have Our Own Key To Tomorrow’s World, W.A. Martin
- 10 Reasons Not to Take a Bath
- The Church Cannot Authorize, Kevin Rutherford
- The Journey Home, Brian Overstreet & David A. Sargent
- Joy, Ron Bartanen
- A  Dog's Purpose - from a 4 year old
- Love, Wade Webster

- You Shall Not Steal, Bryan Kirby
- Grace and Peace, Curtis L. E. Graves
- A Matter Of Time, Steve Higginbotham
- Love, Garrett Best
- Making Space, Mark Adams
- Salvation! Things Taught? By Paul L. McElroy
- Psalm 118:8, David P. Brown

- Awakening Our Last Hope, David Bragg
- Choose For Yourselves This Day Whom You Will Serve, By Dale Grissom
- Do The Right, Dwight Butler
- No Mote-Hunting, Aubrey Johnson
- And Become as Little Children, Clifton Angel
- Youthful Innocence
- Parting Shot
- After Bible Class, Cecil May, Jr.
- A Few Notes to Procrastinators, Gerald Cowan
- Writing Your Story
- My Life
- Roses, Stella G. Wester
- In His Hands, Betty Purser Parker
- Soft-Pedal Journalism, Foy E. Wallace, Jr.
- Two Facets of An Elder’s Work, Jim Bill McInteer
- An Assured Heart, Hugo McCord
- Accepting Christ is Accepting the Word of Christ, G. K. Wallace
- Five Ways To get Rid of Your Preacher! By Chris Gallager
- Emotional Residue, Norman Bales
- Standing for Our Faith, Ancil Jenkins
- God Answers Prayer
- How to Convince the World that We are the People of God, Franklin Camp
- The Value of Work, Jerrie Barber
- Can We Interpret the Bible Differently? By Tyler Boyd
Whose Preacher Are You?
- The Christian Ethic, Thomas B. Warren

- Blame or Thank, David Bragg
- Gratitude, Patrick Hogan
- Sharing Our Faith, by Tom Steed
- Four Acts of Kindness, Charlie Gamble
- Odd Bits of Wisdom
- Something to Think About
- Things Money Cannot Buy
- A Parent's Prayer
- A Thanksgiving Prayer
- Thank You For Inviting Us; by Joanna Fuchs
- Shadows, Stella G. Wester
- Abusing the Lord's Supper, Bill Jackson
- John 16:13-14 & The Spirit, Ty Nicol
- Be Kind to One Another, Patrick Hogan
- Check Your Ears, Joe Chesser
- The Lord's Time...
- The Catholic Church is not part of THE Christian FAITH, David Ray Fanning
- “The Preaching of the Word," Jay Lockhart
- Watching Her Breathe, Jim Faughn
- When Sin Traps You, John Telgren
- Encourage Your Family!
- The Suffering of Christ, David Pharr
- What Do You Lack? By Tom Moore
- The Universal Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ Changes Lives
- The Safest Place, David Pharr
- "A Pack of Seeds," Charles G. Ramsey
- The Real Test, Philip Mullins
- As Society Sows…, by Ron Bartanen
- WANTS vs. NEEDS (Adapted), Lance Cordle
- Autumn For Life, Rick Woodall


- Putting Love Into Words, Don Loftis
- Stir Up One Another, Clifton Angel
- Eating Meals  Together—Not As Tough As We Might Think, Don Loftis
- Get All The Facts, Larry Pasley
- Scriptural Giving, Larry Fluitt
- One Little Wire! By Kevin Williams
- True Christmas Spirit
- THANKS INDEED, J. Randal Matheny
- How Sweet His Way, Robert F. Lowery
- What Are You Willing To Commit? By Alan Smith
- A Time For Thanksgiving, Gerald Cowan
- I’m Thankful For… By Jim Faughn
- Thanks-Giving, Joe Chesser
- Happy Thanksgiving, Johnny Hester
- Finding Thankfulness, Rick Woodall
- What Gratitude Can Do, Bill McFarland
- Thanksgiving Outlook, Alan Smith
- Are You a Saint? By Winford Claiborne
- Thanksgiving: the Gratitude Attitude Should be Present Every Day, Gerald Cowan
- Turkey Poem
- Oh, Taste and See, Mike Baker
- Lean On Me


- Faith Brings Optimism, Ken Stegall
- A Million Dollar Mistake
- Are You Living Your Faith?, By Ron Thomas
- The Real Purpose of Elders, Hardie Logan
- Let Us Consider
- Hidden Treasure, Charlie Gamble
- Faith Acrostic, Edd Sterchi
- The Correct Attitude
- When?, Dale Jenkins
- Endurance
- In The Twinkling Of An Eye, H. L. Gradowith
- There’s No Pocket In A Shroud
- Giving Thanks, By David A. Sargent
- A “Can Do” Attitude, Jason Hart
- If You Can
- Whether Yes or No or More or Less – Give Thanks to God
- Things The Church Is Not To Do, James W. Boyd
- Riches Within Reach, Dan Chambers
- The Importance of Reputation, Jonathan B. Jones II
- Can You Count the Apples in a Seed? By Mark Adams
- God Knows and Meets Our Greatest Needs, Gerald Cowan
- Families Need Teamwork, Mike Haynes
- I Will See Him, H. L. Gradowith
- “My Help Comes From the Lord,” Bryan McAlister
- Be Of Good Cheer! By R. W. McAlister
- Instant vs. Delayed (or Denied) Gratification, Lance Cordle

- “Jesus Loves Me” by Clifton Angel
- What Really Changed Paul's Life? By Dan Winkler
- What is Faith? By David B. Smith
- “I Like Your Christ, But Not Your Christians” by Eddy Gilpin
- Five Links of Fellowship
- "What Would've Happened If ..." by Gary Knuckles
- He Has Plans
- No Matter How Much Wealth the Rich Young Ruler Had, He Could Not....
- “Every Day”
- God's Embrace and Mine, by Gerald Cowan
- What Have We Done Today?
- A Work Unfinished
- Our Great Shepherd, David R. Ferguson
- Careful Where You Pitch Your Tent, Edd Sterchi
- Are We Like Christ? By Harry Middleton
- 25 Reasons to Remain Faithful  to God, Lance Cordle
- What Will People Remember About My Teaching? By Jerrie Barber
- Things We Cannot Escape, Jerry Brewer
- Reflections
- When God Is Listening, Bryan McAlister
- Sacrifice
- Obstacles, James C. Guy
- Growing In Spiritual Maturity, Timothy E. Davis
- Kinder, Gentler Marriages, Travis L. Quertermous
- Bible Study? By C.M.Callan
- Bitterness, Paul Darety
- Be Kinder Than Necessary!
- What Is Faith? By Travis L. Quertermous
- The Obedient Rechabites, R.W. McAlister