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- My Favorite Bible, Steve Higginbotham
- Authority in Religion
- Truth and Personal Experience, Dan Chambers
- Football Rules, OK?  How About  Football WITHOUT  Rules?  OK? By Gerald Cowan
- We Can Know the Truth, Jimmie Z Gribble
- Is The Bible Complete? By Jimmy W. Cox
- Amusing Musings
- The Silence of Scripture
- Truth Vs. Tolerance, Cecil May Jr
- The Old Paths, Cecil May Jr
- You Ask Why I Follow This Jesus
- A Recipe for Happiness
- My Faith
- The Gospel Gives Us Wings
The Three R’s of a Great Marriage, Edd Sterchi
One Hundred Percent Marriage, Gerald Cowan
Seven Secrets Of Effective Fathering, John B. Tracy
A Christian Father’s Ten Commandments

- It’s Time To Celebrate, Rick Woodall
- Reasons I Love My Bible Class, Adam Faughn
- What Kind of Church is This? By Bryan McAlister
- Many Invited, Few Chosen, David A. Sargent
- Worship in Song, Vernon Curry
- Why “Go to Church”? By Ronald Bartanen
- Church Humor
- When I Pray…
By Lance Cordle
- Purchased by the Blood, by Ron Thomas
- What are the Benefits of Worship?
- If Jesus Went To Worship With Me, by H. L. Gradowith
- I Dream a Kingdom Dream, by J. Randal Matheny
- On Wisdom
- I Knelt to Pray
- Where Is the Scripture? By Danny Douglas
- The Book of Life, by Jay Lockhart
- What is God’s Message for Me? By John Gipson
- The Rest of the Story, by Tom Moore

- Minimum Standards, Joe Slater
- Sin Is a Social Disease, Gerald Cowan
- Winners and Losers, Joe Chesser
- A Pressing Prescription, Andy Kizer
- Some Things the "Tolerant" Cannot Seem to Tolerate, Johnny Hester
- The Fallacy of Inherited Sin, David R. Ferguson
- Instant Sin, Slow Deliverance, Bill Dillon
- Tommy’s Trouble (I Cor. 3:1-3), Bill McCormick
- Clean Your Windows
- Troubling, Craig Evans
- Be the Best of Whatever You Are, Douglas Malloch
- Consistency
- My Harvests, L. Hereward
- There is a Road that Leads Uphill, Grace E. Easley
- If You Missed Wednesday Night Services, You Missed a Great Time, Edd Sterchi
- One's Conversation and Preparation Indicate the Nature of the Trip
- Life Lessons
- Signs of the Times
- New Testament Christianity
- Four Things About God and True Worship from John 4:24; Edd Sterchi
- For What Will This Church Be Known?
- Generous Giving
- Modest Clothing, David Pharr

- Prince of Peace, by Joe Chesser
- Christ, the Better Way, by Charles Box
- Four Perspectives of Jesus, by David Paul Smith
- Was Christ Jesus’ Last Name? By Shane Robinson
- Telling Others About Jesus, by Jeff Jenkins
- The Dart
- Jesus Is, by V. P. Black
- In Christ We Have
- How do You Spell C-R-O-S-S?
- My Cup Has Overflowed
- Five Loaves and Two Fishes, by Phillip Clarke Brewer
- Still He Walked, by Carrie McCutcheon
- Oh Lord, I Am So Sorry, by Edd Sterchi
What the Lord Hates
Count It All Joy, by Bob Spurlin
The Rest of the Story, by Tom Moore
Some Claims of the Bible, Harold Hancock
Marriage: Crucible Where Character is Formed, Bailey McBride
Now Or Never, Rick Woodall
Life’s Order
Reflections On Getting Older by Charlie Thomason
Ten Rules for Influencing Others for Good
In the ‘Test Kitchen’ of Life
I Know Something Good About You!
Waiting Until the Last Minute?
You Tell Me I Am Getting Old by Dora Johnson
I Can't See Any Harm In It, by Harry Middleton
Extra Quotes
Choose Today
20 Ways to Say "I'm Sorry"

- For Your Soul, by Paul McElroy
- What’s So Amazing About Grace? By Johnny Hester
- Stay In The Boat --- And Trust, by Jim Faughn
- Who Sets Your Standards? By Ken Chumbley
- Doing an A+ Job, by Stephen R. Bradd
- What it Means to "Wait" For His Son From Heaven, by Larry Miles
- Don't Bury Your Talent, by Edd Sterchi
- "Faithfulness"
- Christ Has a Job for You!
- What is a Saint? by Travis Quertermous
- Brave Hearts Dare to Climb
- The Joyful Things, by Joyce Mary Ecochard
- True Greatness
- Peacemaker, by Debbie Preuss
- Pushing the Lord Aside?
- I’ll Put Jesus FIRST in My Life! By Larry Miles
- Behold the Lamb of God (Read John 1:29-36), by Jimmy Cox
- My King
- Names of Christ, by Gerald Cowan
- Messiah, by Mike Benson
- Expectations of Jesus, by Alan Smith
- The Living Word, by Raleigh Batty
- Benefits of the Resurrection of Christ, by Kevin Williams
- What are You Losing While Trying to Find Yourself? By Jim Faughn
- The Comforter
- Take Responsibility

- How Great Thou Art!
- God - He Is My Strength, by Bryan McAlister
- Be Honest. Is Your God A Burden? By Joe Chesser
- Look To God & Ask for Strength, by Tim Childs
- God’s Thoughts, God’s Ways, by Lance Cordle
- “God’s Glorious Glamour,” by Kyle Moses
- In God’s Time
- God Always Has an Answer
- God is a God of... by Edd Sterchi
- God's Omnipotence
- Dear God...
- What God Has Promised (Author Unknown)
- Spiritual ABC's
- God Knows!!!!!
Attitude Make a Difference, by Patrick Hogan
To Obey Is Better, by Kevin Williams
For Your Soul, by Paul L. McElroy
The Refiner of Silver
"Sandwich" It in! By Adam Faughn
"Good Gossip," by Dan Williams
An Inheritance Awaits! By David A. Sargent
The Blessing of Faithfulness, by Derrick Coble
My Soul…, by Trevor Tattersall
Extra Quotes

- My Help Comes From the Lord, by Patrick Hogan
- Do You Know Me? By Joe Chesser
- You Answer! By W.A. Martin
- Preach It, Brother, by Rick Woodall
- More than an Instruction Manual, by John Telgren
- A Journey of Faith, by David R. Ferguson
- God’s Word - Our One Authority, by Tom Moore
- What Would You do if You Were God?
- The God of ALL Comfort, Larry Miles
- I AM the Answer
- Don’t Let the Song Go Out of Your Life
- A Blessing
By H. L. Gradowith
- The Grumbler
- His Guiding Hand, by J. Randal Matheny
There Was a Man
The Will of God, Gerald Cowan
Tracks of God
One of God's Children
My Help (Psalm 121)
The Bible and Christ, Cecil May, Jr.
The Holiness of God, Ken Chumbley
What About the Trinity? By Travis L. Quertermous
God From the Machine, Gerald Cowan
The "I Must's'' of Jesus, Dale Jenkins

- The Will of God, Paul L. McElroy
- The Ability To Distinguish, John Gipson
- For Your Soul, Paul L. McElroy
- What Your Children Want, Jeremiah Tatum
- Blameless, Earl Edwards
- Should We Preach Doctrine, Shane Robinson
- What a Friend We Have in Jesus, Gerald Cowan
- Courage
- On the Road?
- The Bible
- I Know He's Watching Me
- The Eternal Goodness, John Greenleaf Whittier
- The Knots Prayer
- Jesus Is…  (Don’t You Know), H. L. Gradowith
The Grumbler, Author Unknown
An Inheritance Awaits, David A. Sargent
An Imperishable Crown, David A. Sargent and Mike Eddlemon
And God Said No
To Obey Is Better, Kevin Williams
What Should You See? By Tom Moore
Where Could I Go? By Ron Thomas
Somebody Must be Sick, Harry Middleton

- Being Grateful, David R. Ferguson
- The Bible’s Advice on Thanksgiving, Edd Sterchi
- Do Everything With Thanksgiving, Gerald Cowan
- Holiday Temptation
- Turkey Hotline, Shane Robinson
- What a Christian Was Intended to Be, Lance Cordle
- For A Better and Joyful Life
- HAPPINESS is Found in Little Things
- Scriptural Guidelines for Giving, Harry Middleton
- How do you look at life?
- Begin Each Day… By Clay Harrison
- The Making of Friends, Edgar Guest
- Let Me Give
- My Daily Prayer
Five Truths Taught By Cornelius, by Mark Ray
Be Still and Know! By Ben Thompson
God Spoke To YOU (Matt. 22:31,32), by Douglas Hoff
The Final Authority, by Gary L. Grizzell
Until Shiloh Come (Gen. 49:10), by Gene Rowe, Jr.
Trials of Abraham’s Faith, by George W. DeHoff (Deceased)
Is the Bible a Dead Book? By Gerald Cowan
A Visit From the Preacher
The Value of Teachers, by Alan Smith
Return to Fundamentals, by Bob Spurlin

- May you have
- The Right Gift, by Craig Evans
- Religious Holidays, by Dave Miller
- Using Our Time Wisely, by Dale Grissom
- Resolutions, by David R. Ferguson
- The New Year,  by Ronald Bartanen
- What About Christmas? By Gus Nichols
- Alexander Campbell  on Christmas
- Christmas Gift
- A New Beginning
- Cleaning House For 2011
- Take Time
- We Welcome You with Wide Arms, by J. Randal Matheny
- But Once A Year, by J. Randal Matheny
Precious Memories” by Kyle Moses
What You Preach
Today and Every Day, by Diana Sue Lindley
Thinking and Thandsgiving, by Bob Spurlin
The First Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Poem, by Alexander Pope
Thanksgiving Poem, by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Noel Smith, gratitude quote
Today, by Micheal Dubina
Another Thanksgiving Poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson

- Going Back to the Drawing Board, David Bragg
- I Never Seem To Finish, Allen Webster
- Transformed by the Word, Bryan Kirby
- Neither Catholic nor Protestant but Christians ONLY, David Ray Fanning
- “Go Ahead, and Use Some Profanity,” Bob Spurlin
- Not in Vain! By Adam Faughn
- Man Was Not Made For Emptiness, Gerald Cowan
- What Should You See? By Tom Moore
- Want To Go Phishng??? By Bill Brandstatter
- How Could You Forget That? By Steve Higginbotham
- In This My Hour, J. Randal Matheny
- Let’s Go to Jesus
- The Time To Be Glad
- The Way, H. L. Gradowith
- Failed Resolutions, Alan Smith
- Routines, Joe Chesser
- Holiday Temptation
- No Ordinary Shepherds
- Do Yourself No Harm! By Barry C. Poyner
- In Season and Out of Season, But
- Snow! By Patrick Hogan
- “Sir, we wish to see Jesus” - Seeing Jesus in His Eyes, Bryan McAlister
- Life Lessons

- Setting the Record Straight, David Bragg
- Why Can’t We Be Friends, Allen Mercer
- The World Refuses to Listen, Alton W. Fonville
- Love God - A State Of Mind, Andrew Laux
- So, You Want a Guarantee? By Lance Cordle
- A Barometer of Modern Morals
- A Better Life or It Will Die!!!
- The Lesson of the Ants
- It is Really Not All That Difficult: Love People; Use Things
- "As Evening Falls," Daniel & David Ferguson
- People Think ... But We Know
- I Am So Glad, Grace Noll Crowell
- Never What I Wanted
- 2 Spiritual Kingdoms: Which for You?
- Whatever Happened to the Question Mark?
- We Serve A Living Savior
- If I Could Go
- The Lukewarm Disease
- The Morning of Forever
- Who's To Blame?
- Going Home after Worship
- Integrity
- Based on an Idea of Mine
- Too Small Containers!