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  1. Parents, Protect Your Children! By Carl Mitchell
  2. Parents Have To Live It, by Alan Smith
  3. How Can Parents Best Help Their Children to Love and Worship God? By David P. Brown
  4. Childhood, Stan Mitchell
  5. “Put yer Heart into it sun,” by Shane Robinson
  6. A Prescription For You
  7. Ten Commandments For Teen-Agers
  8. Good Trade!
  9. Memos From Your Child
  1. A Father's Prayer
  2. Hospitality, by Lisabeth Foster
  3. Father's Advice, by James E. Laird
  4. Love is Never Silent, by Natalie Hope Rallis
Love Them Anyway
Tough Love, Jay Lockhart
The Kind of Love I Want, Ken Chumbley
A Greater Love, H. L. Gradowith

  1. BulletinGold 100, Donna Richmond
  2. I Never Intended to Quit! By Gus Nichols
  3. Try Running Again, Gus Nichols
  4. Do We Love The Lord More, Wendell Winkler
  5. Friendly Persuasion, Alexander Campbell    Ten Commandments for Husbands, Hugo McCord
  6. Changing My Life Into The Likeness of Christ, Wendell Winkler
  7. History Changed Forever
  8. Fanny Crosby
  1. Blind But Happy, Fanny Crosby
  2. Who Sowed the Seed? By C. R. Brewer
  3. Reflections
  4. For These We Thank Thee, Loise Pinkerton Fritz
National Repentance, by Lance Cordle
All in the Family, Rick Woodall
Success and the Family, Zig Zigler
A Different Kind of Family Debt, Todd Clippard
A Quote From Tertulliam of Carthage

  1. Decreasing the Divorce Rate, Jim Faughn
  2. The Blessing of Mothers, Alan Smith
  3. Like Father, Like Son, Steve Higginbotham
  4. Where Have the Grandmothers Gone? By Traci Paseur
  5. I Am A Grandfather! By E. Dean Kelly
  6. Happy Father's Day
  7. Happy Mothers Day, Rick Woodall
  8. Giddap, Dad, Lavonne Mathison
  9. Mother
  1. Someone is Watching, Edward "Jack" Smith
  2. It Takes a Mother, Helen Steiner Rice
  3. Mothers Are ….
  4. A Father's Prayer
The Sin of Dividing a Church, H. Leo Boles
From a Founding Father
A Better World Begins With Me, Gerald Cowan
Preserving Liberty

  1. A Service Greater Than to the President, Tim Childs
  2. A Prayer for President Obama, Adam Faughn
  3. Longing For Something Better, Joe Chesser
  4. Righteousness Exalts A Nation, David R. Ferguson
  5. The Pursuit of Happiness, Mark Ray
  6. Liberty!  By Ron Thomas
  7. Total and Unconditional Surrender, Derek McNamara
  8. Our Republic Depends on Christianity?
  9. How Poor Are We?
  1. Freedom is Not Free, Cadet Maj. Kelly Strong
  2. A Song For War, J. Randal Matheny
  3. It’s Not What We Eat
  4. It Is The Soldier
Just for Mom, Jennie Lou Carson
Graduation Days, Jimmie Z. Gribble
Memorial Day, David Ferguson
How Well Do You Know Your Spouse, Norman Bales
Dad - This Is For You

  1. A Heavenly Perspective, Alan Smith
  2. Finding Our Father; Knowing Our God - He Is My Peace, Bryan McAlister
  3. Don't Just Hope, David A. Sargent
  4. Carried by Four at the Eleventh Hour! By Kevin Williams
  5. I’ve Been Working Toward That Day, Bill McCormick
  6. Goal, Mike Benson (KneEmail Editor)
  7. Humor is the best medicine: He has a plan!
  8. The Shepherd Psalm
  9. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  1. Anchors, Bess Samuel Ayres
  2. He Is Mine, Sancie Earman King
  3. Great is God's Mercy, Louise Pinkerton Fritz
  4. No Worries, H. L. Gradowith
Service, Mike Benson (KneEmail Editor)
Some Views of Government
The Cross and the Flag
Religious Values and Government, Tom Moore

  1. A Brief Introduction to the Bible, Allen Webster
  2. The Inspiration of Bible, Stefano R. Mugnaini
  3. Who’s To Say What’s Right? By Joe Chesser
  4. Higher Education, Rick Woodall
  5. But the Very Hairs of Your Head Are All Numbered, Tim Smith
  6. What the Prophets Preached, Greg Swango
  7. Bible Brain Twister
  8. No Inspiration From The Bible
  9. Saved by the Bible, Steve Higginbotham
  1. 'Tis Not a Work to Obey, Rose Ann Noey
  2. Still He Walked, Carrie McCutcheon
  3. The Defense of Grace, James C. Guy
  4. Handwriting on the Wall
Eternal Bliss, by Stella G. Wester
Questions About Adam and Eve, by Gerald Cowan
Blood on the Doorposts, by Frank Chesser
The Patient Sleeps, by J. Randal Matheny

  1. The Importance of Midweek Bible Study, by Ray Crawford
  2. Have You Seen __________________ Lately?  By Jim Faughn
  3. Where Are the Elders? By Hardie Logan
  4. Questions About Worship, Cecil May, Jr.
  5. Prayer, by Craig Evans
  6. Growing Churches or Saving Souls? By Mack Lyon
  7. The Church Is Not, by Andrew Connally
  8. When Was The Church Established? By Travis L. Quertermous
  1. A Love So Tremendous, by Catherine J. Carter
  2. My Part
  3. My Hand in God's Hand, by Florence Scripps Kellogg
Burglar and Preacher
The Biblical Scholar, Kevin Raynor
Bible Brain Twister (Solution)
How Much Time Does It Take
Overcoming Doubt, Bob Spurlin
On Priorities, H. L. Gradowith

  1. The Hall of Shame, David A. Sargent
  2. The Mouse, The House, and the Truth, Lance Cordle
  3. Before You Click “FORWARD,” Bryan Matthew Dockens
  4. Inadequate, Westley Hazel
  5. What Is Sin? By Travis L. Quertermous
  6. Are You Deceived?
  7. Grudges, Tom Moore
  8. Are You Wasting Yourself?
  9. I'd Choose Fortune Over Fame, J. Randal Matheny
  1. There Is Never A Day So Dreary, Lilla M. Alexander
  2. You Tell On Yourself
  3. Highs and Lows, Amy Clarke Ellis
  4. Sunshine and Rain, Clay Harrison
A Preacher’s Classic
What Is “Beautiful Singing?” By Kevin Williams
Your Church, My Church, Our Church, Or Christ’s Church? By Gerald Cowan
What I Want the Church to Be

  1. Can We BE Thankful?
  2. By Shane Robinson
  3. Don’t Wait For Thanks, Rick Woodall
  4. Do Yourself No Harm!  By Barry C. Poyner
  5. Thanksgiving - A Spirit of Praise, Gerald Cowan
  6. Thanksgiving, Ron Thomas
  7. ABC’s of a Thankful Heart
  8. Coping With the Holidays
  9. How Much Do You Own In That Direction?
  10. Letting Go
  1. How To Observe Thanksgiving
  2. A Single Love, J. Randal Matheny
  3. Words Fail, H. L. Gradowith
  4. Rules For Today
Thirty-Five Things Satan Wants from You and Me, Tim Childs
The Internet, Gerald Cowan
Seduction, Mike Benson
SIN: A Before and After Picture, Darrell Powell
If Only You Knew What I Have Done, Debbie Preuss

  1. I Wish I Could Ask My Dad, Jim Faughn
  2. Parents Are Abusing Their Children, W.A. Martin
  3. Out With The New; In With The Old, Brad Green
  4. I Almost Made a Difference Today, Tim Orbison
  5. God in the Center, Craig Evans
  6. Thankful to God, Ron Thomas
  7. Time, Mike Benson
  8. 10 Ways to Make Time for Your Children
  9. 20 Ways to Say “I’m Sorry,” Steve Singleton
  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR! By Frances Ridley Havergal
  3. 'Twas the Night Before Jesus Came
  4. We Welcome You with Wide Arms, J. Randal Matheny
Coping With the Holidays
The Art of Happiness
How To Survive The Holidays By Jeff Archey
Two Very Different Holidays By Alan Smith

  1. Time For a Spiritual Checkup? By Gerald Cowan
  2. How Old Are You? By Jerrie Barber
  3. Refined Gold - By Ronald Bartanen
  4. When Trouble Comes - By Mike Riley
  5. Important vs Urgent - By Bryan Kirby
  6. The Formula For Success - By Edd Sterchi
  7. A Time For Every Purpose - By Steve Higginbotham
  8. It's A Jungle Out There - By Hardie Logan
  9. Trying Times - By Joe Chesser
  10. Why The White Hair?
  1. The Clock of Life - By Robert H. Smith
  2. A Lovely Light
  3. Do What You Can
What Do You Tell Your Children? By Norman and Ann Bales
The Real Santa Claus By Travis L. Quertermous
‘Tis Season the Season By Shane Robinson
Resolutions By J. R. Chism

  1. Dad's Greatest Gift
  2. The Innocense of Childhood, Alan Smith
  3. Protecting Our Kids, Lance Cordle
  4. What You Need to Say to Your Children, Norman and Ann Bales
  5. A Helper Fit For Him, David R. Ferguson
  6. Building A Sense Of “Self-Worth” in Our Children, Don Loftis
  7. Honor Parents, Ron Thomas
  8. Three Mothers, James D. Burns
  9. Grandma's Cake
  10. Blunt Children
  1. Perfect Love, H. L. Gradowith
  2. What Makes a Home? By Fanny S. Reeder
  3. Hugs
  4. A Place for Boys
Step By Step
Christianity on the Jobsite, Adam Faughn
Your Choice, Charles V. Cash
When Dark Days Come, Phil Sanders
Facing Monumental Decisions, Dan Jenkins