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  1. Everyone Needs Three Fathers, Gerald Cowan
  2. Shacked Up Couples, John Gipson
  3. What To Leave Your Children? Bob Spurlin
  4. Goal-Setting and Your Family, Lance Cordle
  5. Sibling Rivalry, Ray Wallace
  6. Your Children Are Watching, Ruth Patterson
  7. 12 Rules for a Happy Married Life
  8. Kids In Church
  9. When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking
  10. Definition Of “Home”
  1. My Dad
  2. The Soul of a Child
  3. Being A Grandmother
  4. A Father’s Prayer



  1. The Letter "V," David A. Sargent
  2. Resilient Christians are Survivors, Gerald Cowan
  3. Misfits, Rick Woodall
  4. Bearing Good Fruit, Ron Thomas
  5. He That Winneth Souls is Wise, W.A.Martin
  6. No Coincidences, David Ferguson
  7. WELL-L-L-L-L NOW, THAT’S DIFFERENT! By Luther Blackmon
  8. Culture, Mike Benson
  9. Who's a Hero, J. Randal Matheny
  10. Judging by Appearance, Tom Moore
  1. Humility
  2. God is Never Far Away, Michael Dubina
  3. Myself, Edgar  A. Guest
  4. Am I Responsible? (Ephesians 4:11-16), Ellen H. Underwood

  1. Sin by Ronald Bartanen
  2. Soul for Sale by Joe Slater
  3. Renaming Sin by Alan Smith
  4. Sin of Nadab and Abihu by Paul L. McElroy
  5. Homosexuals by Hardie Logan
  6. What If Adults Acted Like Children by Steve Higginbotham
  7. An Eternity in Hell is Not Worth by Edd Sterchi
  8. Some Problems Do Not Go Away by Gerald Cowan
  9. Addiction to Porn Invading Our Churches by Ron Thomas
  10. A Message From The Devil
  1. Too Busy
  2. The Power Of Words
  3. Heartaches by Shirley McDonald
  4. Be Sober by H. L. Gradowith

  1. Each Individual Carries Around a Mental Picture of Himself, W.A. Martin
  2. Nevertheless, G. T. Rowe, Jr
  3. Strangers and Pilgrims, Stefano R. Mugnaini
  4. Just Some Things to Remember, Andy McDougal
  5. What Do You Hear?  By David A. Sargent
  6. When No One Seems to be Listening, J. Randal Matheny
  7. Did You Hear?
  8. I’ve Approved This Message
  9. Attitude Makes the Difference, J.J. Turner
  1. If I Can
  2. Let Me Be Aware, Miriam Teichner
  3. The Story of Your Life, Wanda Mitchell
  4. The Preacher Said It, Rick Woodall

  1. Let’s Be Content, Dale Grissom
  2. The Secret to Satisfaction, Edd Sterchi
  3. The Comfort of the Scriptures, Patrick Hogan
  4. Where Wisdom May Be Found, Robert N. Lambert
  5. Reflections On The Fruit Of The Spirit, David R. Ferguson
  6. Sportsmanship and the Golden Rule, Travis L. Quertermous
  7. So That Joy May Be Full, Gerald Cowan
  8. Joy is My Strength
  9. LOVE, Dan Fredman
  10. Sense of Values
  1. You Affect Everyone
  2. How to Be Happy, Maltbie Davenport Babcock
  3. Be Strong
  4. Trust, H. L. Gradowith

  1. Complain, J. Randal Matheny
  2. Riches, Stefano Mugnaini
  3. Worry Is An Adult Sin, Hugo McCord
  4. The Sin of Profanity, Travis L. Quertermous
  5. Sinking Treasures, David A. Sargent
  6. Chaste or Chased? by Steve Higginbotham
  7. Arrogance, Ron Thomas
  8. Two Wolves
  9. Satan Will Provide A Way, Charles E. Moore
  10. A Sure Sign of Anger
  1. If Jesus Came to Your House, Lois Kendall Blanhard
  2. Living the Way We Pray
  3. Would You Be Ready? By H. L. Gradowith
  4. Why, O Tell Me Why? By Tim Childs

  1. The "I Must's''  of Jesus by Dale Jenkins
  2. Approaching God by Joe Chesser
  3. Jesus Never Quit by Raymond C. Kelcy
  4. The Middle Cross by Ronald Bartanen
  5. Jesus Christ, Our Hope by David R. Ferguson
  6. Jesus, the Master Craftsman by John Thomas Randolph
  7. Jesus The Christ - The Heart of the New Testament
  8. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Stefano R. Mugnaini
  9. Truths About Christ
  1. More Like You, and Less Like Me by Clay Harrison
  2. If He Should Come Today
  3. Take It All To Jesus
  4. Jesus the Intended by Edd Sterchi

  1. Is There A Word From the Lord?  Do We Care? By Lance Cordle
  2. God’s Rule Book, by Marvin Weir
  3. The Royal Law, by Rick Woodall
  4. Error Can Never Negate God’s Truth, by Tim Childs
  5. The Fire Burning Within, by Tom Moore
  6. A Light for my Path, by David R. Ferguson
  7. We Need To Study The Bible, by Ronald Bartanen
  8. Bibles In Man's Pocket Stop Bullet, by Ronald Bartanen
  9. The Bible, by Robert Chapman
  10. A $2,800 Bible? By Edd Sterchi
  1. Thank God for the Bible
  2. There's A Light, by H. L. Gradowith
  3. This ....

  1. Returning Thanks by David A. Sargent
  2. Thanksgiving - More Than A Holiday, By Bob Spurlin
  3. Thanksliving - “Living Your Thanks" (Col. 3:17, 1 Thess. 5:18) by Gerald Cowan
  4. Coping with the Holiday Blues by James C. Savage
  5. George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation
  6. Thanksgiving Day Prayer by Catherine Marshall
  7. My Thanksgiving Prayer by Edd Sterchi
  8. Rules For the Holiday Season by Lance Cordle
  1. Thanksgiving by J. Randal Matheny
  2. Thankful . . . . . .. by Carl Ciangi
  3. Thanks
  4. Be Thankful

  1. The Only Gift by David A. Sargent
  2. Overspending and the Holidays by James C. Savage
  3. Goal Setting for 2009 by Craig Evans
  4. To Help Us Live Better Lives by Jimmy W. Cox
  5. Is Jesus The Reason For The Season? by Travis L. Quertermous
  6. What Kind of Christmas? by Ronald Bartanen
  7. This New Year, Let Us Be Reminded Of...
  8. by Edd Sterchi
  9. Ancient New Years
  1. The New Leaf
  2. Happy New Year by Avis Corley Porter
  3. Auld Lang Syne by H. L. Gradowith
  4. Another Year Closer to God by Helen Steiner Rice

  1. Changed!  By David A. Sargent
  2. Rediscovering Our True Purpose, by Don Loftis
  3. Choices Have Consequences, by Ken Chumbley
  4. Remembering Things We Take For Granted, by Patrick Hogan
  5. A Fragment of a Mirror, by Tom Moore
  6. Fail Forward
  7. Ten Suggestions For Improving Your Experience at Church Services
  8. 12 Things to Learn
  9. The 7 Ups!
  1. Open Mind and Hungry Heart, by Russell L. Simmons
  2. Lead Thou the Way, by Esther Nilsson
  3. The Words of Christ, by J. Randal Matheny
  4. Freedom’s Prayer, by Daniel Whitworth

  1. Love Letters, Steve Higginbotham
  2. Authentic Love in a Stable and Dependable Relationship, Gerald Cowan
  3. Our Father's Great Love, David Ferguson
  4. He Loves Me, Rick Woodall
  5. Practicing the Golden Rule, Alan Smith
  6. How to Be Happy
  7. Love and God’s Commandments, Edd Sterchi
  8. Valentine, James C. Guy
  9. A New Attitude
  1. A Deed of Simple Kindness, Joseph Morris
  2. Love and Care, Michael Dubina
  3. Jesus Loves You, H. L. Gradowith
  4. A Lovely Deed
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