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Mar 4

  1. Misplaced Priorities By Craig Evans
  2. Commitment of a Soldier By Cory Waddell
  3. Pocketbook, Party, or Principles? By Joe Slater
  4. A Genuine Bargain In Religion By Gerald Cowan
  5. It Depends Upon You and Me, and People Like Us
  6. Human Creeds By Ron Thomas
  7. Revive Us Again By Ronald Bartanen
  8. A Prayer from Days Past...For Mothers
  9. Build Me a Son
  10. The Stranger In Our House
  1. Lord, Is It I?
  2. Be Ready By H. L. Gradowith
  3. The Faithful Few
  4. Will You Pray For Me By Debby Anderson

  1. Written in Heaven, Gene T. Rowe, Jr.
  2. Help For Those Who Mourn, David Ferguson
  3. Wrong Funeral, Kevin Rayner
  4. Vaccination Against Death, Glenn Sargent
  5. Inheritance Reserved, David A. Sargent
  6. Growing Through Grief: 10 Suggestions That Often Help
  7. Lessons Learned in Hades
  8. Death! You will die!
  9. Obituary:   Someone Else
  1. When Words Begin to Fail You, Clay Harrison
  2. Captain Jesus, Rick Woodall
  3. Life's Little Surprises, Rahya Montuori
  4. Ready To Leave?, H. L. Gradowith

  1. Forgotten? No Way!, by Rick Woodall
  2. Why Did Jesus Die On The Cross? By Travis L. Quertermous
  3. Seeing As God Sees, Marvin L. Weir
  4. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder, Will You Be There? By Gerald Cowan
  5. You Need A Doctor? By Steve Higginbotham
  6. Where There Is No Vision The People Perish, W. A. Martin
  7. Insight From Benjamin Franklin
  8. We Grow, by Ed Thomason
  9. Insufficient Standards
  10. Ten Rules of Forgiveness
  1. He Died On The Cross, by H. L. Gradowith
  2. If I Should Stumble, by Helen Lowrie Marshall
  3. The Grace of God, by Harold F. Mohn
  4. Forgive! By Dalton Key

  1. A Father's Instinct By David A. Sargent
  2. Mothers Make A Difference By Alan Smith
  3. Work, Stress, And Marriage By Ken Canfield
  4. How To Fight Fair By Edd Sterchi
  5. Home Improvemen By Lance Cordle
  6. God’s Plan For Families By David Ferguson Fathers to the Rescue
  7. The Marriage Myth
  8. The Ring Bear By Richard Hill
  1. Children
  2. Honor Thy Father By Alvis B. Christiansen
  3. The Prayer of a Military Wife By Barbie Howard
  4. Within Your Power by J. Randal Matheny

  1. Truth Changes People, Dwight Butler
  2. Three O’s of Assembling to Worship, Gerald Cowan
  3. Ways to Invest in Worship, Lance Cordle
  4. The Lord's Supper, Gene Rowe, Jr.
  5. Are You In His Kingdom? By Jimmy W. Cox
  6. Treating Visitors Well, Adam Faughn
  7. Eight Mysteries of the Church
  8. Dear Preacher:
  9. Small Gems of Truth
  10. If You Have a Bible
  1. The Perfect Congregation
  2. Preach a Sermon, Preacher
  3. Fly Away, Shadows! Rose Ann Noey
  4. The Few, Edgar A. Guest

  1. You Never Stump Your Toe While Standing Still, Edward Thomason
  2. Expand Your Thinking, Joe Chesser
  3. We Need To Do More!, W. A. Martin
  4. Pursuit of Happiness, Rick Woodall
  5. Memorizing Scripture, David R. Miller
  6. The Personal Touch, Edwin Jones
  7. One’s Legacy, Ron Thomas
  8. Twenty-One “More Thans”
  9. A Time to Speak, to Share the Truth
  10. Jewels of Wisdom
  1. Wisdom of Shoes and Ships, J. Randal Matheny
  2. The Bible, Damon Beaver
  3. The Years, H. L. Gradowith
  4. And They Say There is No God!  By Clay Harrison

  1. Christ, Walter Scott
  2. The Indescribable Gift of God's Love, Patrick Hogan
  3. Subway Savior, David A. Sargent
  4. God, The Marriage Counselor, Hardie Logan
  5. The Power of God, Jimmy W. Cox
  6. Prepare for Defense, Stefano R. Mugnaini
  7. Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?
  8. The Six S’s of the Savior, Edd Sterchi
  9. God Is Still Love
  10. Pleasing Everybody, Kevin Rayner
  1. Jesus
  2. God the Artist, Margaret Peterson
  3. A Good Example
  4. The Crown of Life, Rick Woodall

  1. Rahab and Redemption, David Ferguson
  2. Grasshoppers and Giants, Dick Miller
  3. Pilate’s Problem Can Be Your Problem Too – Washing Your Hands May Not Get Them Clean, Gerald Cowan
  4. Read The Instructions, Steve Higginbotham
  5. Charting Your Course, Terry Livingston and David A. Sargent
  6. How To Make Void God’s Word, Bob Spurlin
  7. The Prodigal Son
  8. A Little Perspective
  9. Four Things You Can Do With Your Hands
  10. Keep The Fork
  1. "Knowledgeable" Fool!
  2. Philippians 4:19
  3. The Word of God
  4. So Be It, J. Randal Matheny

  1. Satisfied, Tim Smith
  2. Thanksgiving, Rick Woodall
  3. Being Thankful in Everything and Anxious for Nothing, David R. Ferguson
  4. Is It Possible to Live Consistently?  By Lance Cordle
  5. Kindness Pays, Kyle Moses
  6. Looking for the Good in Others, Dennis Gulledge
  7. Thanksgiving, Ken Chumbley
  8. George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation (issued on October 3,1789)
  9. Ironside's Rebuke on Not Giving Thanks
  10. What Thanksgiving is About, James C. Guy
  1. A Grateful Heart, Grace E. Easley
  2. Give Thanks
  3. We thank Thee, Lord, Lois Tiffany
  4. True Thanksgiving, Gerald Cowan

  1. A Plan for the Holidays, Lance Cordle
  2. Gifts You Can Give the Year Long
  3. The Observance of “Holy Days,” Gerald Cowan
  4. What Shall I Do With Jesus? By Jimmy W. Cox
  5. The Greatest Gift, Rick Woodall
  6. Resolutions, John Gipson
  7. One Solitary Life
  8. Christmas Card Oops
  9. Origin of the Candy Cane, James C. Guy
  10. Is Jesus The Reason For The Season? By Travis L. Quertermous
  1. He Will Give (Colossians 2:10), Roy Harris
  2. Savor the Moments of this Day, Clay Harrison
  3. Happy New Year, H. L. Gradowith
  4. Resolution

  1. Real Commitment, Alan Smith
  2. Could You Stand Up for Jesus?  By Mark Ray
  3. Clock, Mike Benson
  4. A Tale of a Candle, Tom Moore
  5. Develop What is Good, J. Randal Matheny
  6. Twelve Proven Ways to Get Along Better with Everyone (Advice from the Proverbs)
  7. Strength For The Asking
  8. Sitter-Quitter-Or Getter
  9. Trust in the Lord
  1. Backbone People
  2. Find the Time
  3. You Can’t Fool God
  4. Bridges

  1. You Do Not Believe, Jeremiah Tatum
  2. Love, Mike Benson
  3. You Expect Me To Believe That? Phil Greer
  4. What Are You Making? By Phil Sanders
  5. Get Real With Love, Rick Woodall
  6. Smithfield Ham Christians, Bill Brandstatter
  7. Diagnosis, Stefano R. Mugnaini
  8. Unsinkable
  9. Needed: More Rope Holders, J. G. Garr
  10. Rules for Growing Christians
  1. Christian, Maya Angelou
  2. Get Off Your Seat, J. Randal Matheny
  3. Present Tense
  4. Another Chance, Helen Steiner Rice