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Hearts of gold:

Mar 5

1.Showing Everyday Faith By Edd Sterchi
2. Stand Firm and Tall By Larry Meissner
3. If It's Not Fed, It Won't Grow By Lance Cordle
4. What A Tragedy! By Steve Higginbotham
5. Good Fear and Bad Fear John Telgren
6. Cheerful Giving
7. What Have You Learned?
8. Start Counting
1. Why I Love The Lord
2. Sowers of Seeds By Michael Dubina
3. Simplicity By Rose Ann Noey
Apr 2

1. Christ and the Church By David A. Sargent
2. Motto By Ron Adams
3. Digging Coal By Rick Woodall
4. Simple Truth By Ron Bartanen
5. Flying With The Wings of the Gospel By David R. Ferguson
6. Living For Christ Through His Church in the World By Gerald Cowan
7. Jesus is All in All
8. Here's to...
9. A Few Rules To Live By
1. You Never Can Tell
2. Too Busy to Study and  Pray? By Sheila Gosney
3. The Greatest Thing You Can Do By S.D. Gordon
May 7

1. The Need For Perseverance By Boyce Edwards
2. Making Your Life A Beautiful Picture For Christ By Edd Sterchi
3. Faithful By Lance Cordle
4. Christian Steadfastness By Jimmy W. Cox
5. Extreme Makeover By Russ Lawson
6. Golden Deeds By Keith Parker
7. A Job or a Ministry?
8. Ingersoll's Life: Chapter One
9. Making Progress
10. True By H. L. Gradowith
1. Revelation By: Florence Stone Reeh
2. Judgment Day - author unknown
June 4

1. A Father's Example By David A. Sargent
2. My Sons, No Longer My Children By Dan Winkler'
3. Did You Know My Mother? by: Michele Spiceland
4. Making Time for Our Families and Ourselves
By David Ferguson
6. The Influence of Mothers By Alan Smith
7. Eli as a Father (I SAM. 2:22-25) By Gene Rowe, Jr.
8. Making a Marriage Work
9. Opportunity Knocking By Kevin Rayner
10. A Lot of Truth in These Old Adages (An old farmer's advice)
1. Somebody's Mother By Mary Dow Brine
2. The Road That Leads to Home By D. Sue Jones Horton
3. Parenting by unknown author
July 2

1. What is the church of Christ? By David Bragg
2. A Caring Church By Edd Sterchi
3. Remembering The Head By Ron Bartanen
4. The Foolishness of Preaching By Bill Brandstatter
5. Handling Disagreements
6. What did you bring to worship? By Ron Thomas
7. Dangers Confronting the Lord’s Church
8. BOY! What Preaching!
9. Don't Laugh. It's Real! By Gerald Cowan
1. In The Valley I Grow
2. Praise Him
3. The Faithful Few
Aug 6

1. The One Message of the Bible By David R. Ferguson
2. Sell It Not! by: Mike Sullivan
3. A Letter From God? By Lance Cordle
4. The Bible is Full of Mistakes" By Craig Evans
5. The Resume of Jesus Christ by James C. Guy
6. The Authority of God's Word by Ron Boatwright
7. The Story of the Bible By Steve Higginbotham
8. Olny srmat poelpe can
9.  A Traveler's Guide to Heaven
1. The Truth by H. L. Gradowith
2. A Student's Prayer By Johannes DeViet
3. My Bible By Amos R. Wells
Sept 1

1. The Fortune of Misfortune By A. J. Cox
2. Every Person’s Biography By Jimmy W. Cox 
3. The Company I Keep  By Bill Brandstatter 
4. The ABC'S of Life by J. Randal Matheny 
5. Suffering By Stefano R. Mugnaini 
6. What Distinguishes a Christian From Others By Ron Thomas 
7. Sentences of Life
8. What Is the Meaning of Life? By Travis L. Quertermous 
9. What's mine is.....His! 
1. Kindness
2. "Life's Tug of War"
3. The Difference
Oct 1

1. Commitment, by David A. Sargent
2. Purity (Matthew 5:8), by David P. Brown
3. Take a Stand, by Edd Sterchi
4. Saltless Salt, by Gene Rowe, Jr.
5. Perfect Before We Get There, by Rick Woodall
6. The Cover and Title Should Tell What Is In the Book, Gerald Cowan
7. How Did You Like the Sermon?
8. Cell Phones VS. The Bible
9. The Problem With Ignorance
1. Who Else But God?
2. The Shock of Heaven
3. Don't Cut Corners, by J. Randal Matheny
Nov 1

1. A Love for the Truth By Bob Spurlin
2. “Ten Things Bible Class Teachers Love In Parents” By  Kyle Moses 
3. Abraham–Friend of God By Jimmy W. Cox 
4. All For a Bowl of Soup By Lance Cordle 
5. A Vote Against The Bible By Steve Higginbotham 
6. The Parable of the Prodigal Son By David Ferguson 
7. A $2,800 Bible!?! Edd Sterchi
8. Wisdom from a Lady By Boynton Merrill 
9. Lessons Learned
1. Reading the Bible
2. We thank Thee, Lord By Lois Tiffany
3. A Holy Hunger for You
Dec 3

1. Poor Substitutes By David A. Sargent 
2. The Thief on the Cross (Luke 23:42-43) By G. T. Rowe, Jr. 
3. A Great Difference By Ron Boatwright 
4. Unseen Dangers By Ron Bartanen 
5. Between Holy and Profane  By Wes Hazel 
6. When It Hurts To Do What’s Right By Bryan McAlister 
7. It Might be Funny if it Wasn't so Painful 
8. Death is NOT the Final Word 
9. A Gift List Anyone Can Afford 
1. Leave the Clouds Behind By Kay Hoffman
2. Heartaches By Shirley McDonald
3. Endings By  H. L. Gradowith
Jan 7

1. Commands from Christ are not Optional - By Edd Sterchi
2. The God Who Supplies All Our Needs - By Alan Smith
3. The Beauty of the Cross - By David Ferguson
4. The Significance of Christ's Resurrection - By Wayne Jackson
5. Who Is Jesus? - By Travis L. Quertermous
6. Who Is On The Cross? - By Rick Woodall
7. Possessions of Jesus
1. Did Jesus Use a Modem at the Sermon on the Mount? (Author Unknown)
2. Christ Died in our Stead
3. I'd Rather Be a Bible Teacher
4. Time
5. Praise Him - By Janice George

1. Marriage Can Be A Lot of Work - By Bill Denton
2. Make Time for the Family - By Bob Spurlin
3. “Mothers” - By James Long
4. I Want To Ride With My Dad - By Steve Higginbotham
5. Choose The Right Home - By Jimmy W. Cox
6. Safe At Home? - By David A. Sargent
7. Mom Needed
8. “Father” - In Any Language
9. Kids Letters To God
1. Moments In Life
2. Those We Love
3. Take A Moment to Listen