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Hearts of gold:


1. Perspective by A. Jay Kelley
2. Willing to Stand for God's Truth by Dave Cordry
3. Mountain People by Rick Woodall
1. A Long And Winding Road

1. Legislating Morality by Steve Higginbotham
2. Ask Them by W. Dwyane Dennis
3. It’s All About God by Steven Yeakley
1. A Word From The Devil - By H. L. Gradowith
2. Thought Whispers - By Rose Ann Noey

1. Assessing Our Lives By Dennis Russell
2. What Ignorance Does to the Church
By Ben Justice
3. Think on These Things By Pat Phelps
1. Grace
2. God Is Love
3. Seven Deadly Sins

1. Forsake Not the Assembly by: Paul McClung
2. Which "Demas" Are You? by: Edd Sterchi
3. Shepherds by: Jay Kelly
4. Building Upon the Rock Foundation (Matthew 7:24-27) by: Mel Martin
1. The Door
2. Why Do You Go?

1. Face to Face by: Rick Woodall
2. Faithful to the End by: Dennis Russell
3. Too Late by: John Shaver
4. The Cross - More Than a Magic Symbol by: Russ Lawson
 1. Struggles With Sin - by: Rose Ann Noey
2. Think On These Things - Submitted and adapted by: Rose Ann Noey
3. A General Prayer - by: H. L. Gradowith

1. Planned Parenthood: T-Shirts for Sale
by: Steve Higginbotham
2. Do Christians Really Have a Choice when
3. Casting their Vote? by: J. Todd Clippard
4. The Impartial God by: Jimmy W. Cox
5. Lessons To Be Learned About the Lord's Supper by: Mel Martin
6. President Garfield's Appointment
7. The Lord's Baseball Game 
8. Lessons From a Child


1. First Pray! by W. A. Martin
2. Many Mansions by Paul McClung
3. Death and True Life by Lawrence Barr
4. A Holy God by Jay Kelley
5. Simple, Eternal Acts by Steven Yeakley
1. The Journey by Rita Teta
2. Teach Us

1. Living Life to the Fullest by Charlie Thomason
2. A New Year to Use by Lawrence Barr
3. Mapping Out Your Course by David A. Sargent
4. How Shall We Live? by Garland M. Robinson
5. Serving in Silence by Dennis Russell
1. In the Safety of His Arms - by H. L. Gradowith
2. The Apple of Thy Eye - Author unknown.

1. Longing For Home By Joe Chesser
2. Colonel Sanders By Kevin Rayner
3. Communing With the Lord Jesus!
4. Words of Caution and Encouragement
By Jim Graham
5. How Do I Talk to My Friends about the Church? By Todd Clippard
6. Now That I Am A Christian by Mel Martin
7. Filled with the Knowledge of His Will by Mel Martin.